Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pink Nails: Essie - Your Hut Or Mine?

This is one of the polishes I bought in the set a little while ago. It also came with Essie - Imported Bubbly but I'm going to give that to someone who appreciates it more. I thought Your Hut Or Mine? looked really nice in the set as well as E-Nuff Is E-Nuff so I got it. Actually at first I didn't think it was Your Hut Or Mine? On the label it said Lovie Dovie.


But even earlier that day I'd seen Lovie Dovie, I've seen swatches and I knew it wasn't Lovie Dovie. Me being me I went onto the essie website and I clicked through all the pink nail polishes and looked up swatches (I really wanted to know what polish this was :/ Also I didn't look up every pink polish). I decided it was Infatuation, the only thing at didn't completely convince me was that I knew this had shimmer and Infatuation did not. Also Lovie Dovie and Infatuation kind of go hand in hand with each other so I thought it could be Infatuation. It was only the other day when I was looking through The Polishaholic's posts (so good), that I saw Your Hut Or Mine? and screamed (in my head) "THAT'S IT!!!!". Of course I didn't think it could be from a collection -_- I thought her description was perfect "dark dusty rose with shimmer", it was the "with shimmer" that changed my mind. And it's lovely.

It's from the Fair Game Resort 2011 collection. I can't be absolutely certain it's Your Hut Or Mine? But until proven otherwise that is what I shall think of it. Ripping off that label was liberating. This is 2 coats, formula was good. The colour is very pretty, I like rose colours. I don't know if it suits me or not, some lighting yes and some lighting no. Only time will tell. Anyone else got the wrong label on a polish before?

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