Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Blue Nails: Revlon - Blue Lagoon

I've been doing quite a few of these "*insert colour here* Nails" posts, but that's because of all the polish I've been buying :/ Hopefully this is the last polish I buy in a while. This was one of the polishes I bought in the Boots clearance section (darn you clearance sections!!! >.<). I love any blue-toned, turquoise-toned, teal-toned etc. polishes. I had also seen this colour previously, I wasn't that interested until it was on sale.

It's a light blue with silver shimmer. The shimmer did not photograph very well. Sometimes in the bottle the shimmer looks blue/purple but it's definitely not like that on the nails. Oh by the way China Glaze Luxe and Lush looks really really nice on top (maybe pictures another time). Luxe and Lush needed a slightly darker blue to look nice. The flakies just look really nice on top. In the pictures I used 4 coats, 3 coat was still a bit patchy. It was so incredibly easy for my cuticles to get flooded. My index finger I used 6 coats, the moment I finished, went on my phone and whacked my nail against my glasses. Left a very large dent. It's quite a liquidy polish (any sense?) but with my master fixing skills I covered it up. Can you see it in the photos? Hopefully not. It's nice but not great, of course I needed another pale blue.

                      (A close up where you still can't really see the shimmer)

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