Thursday, 2 August 2012

Combo: Barbie Girl

Yay another combo!!! I'm not going to do one combo and leave like 3 weeks in-between before the next one ;) Also since I love combinations I don't see why not. Seeing the mani it's pretty clear why I called it "Barbie Girl" (well I think anyway).

Hot pink and the flakies really make it Barbie. Ok I can't explain why, it just does, at least to me. This picture is the most true to colour out of all the pictures. The multicoloured flakies on top make it like jumbled and I thought it could be colours of purchases or something (I just made that up :L). I again used The Face Shop - PK105 (used for the pink penguins) and oh my goodness it is the most amazing hot pink.

Ok the colour did not show up correctly (I could not find good lighting in my cousins house also my camera just wouldn't co-operate) but it's way brighter. When I was looking at the pink I thought "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE??!". But I also like hot pink which also contributed to my love of the polish. I did 3 coats (it was 2 coats for opacity but did another one for luck).

The flakies were OPI - I Lily Love You. This is 3 coats (it's very thin). I broke my ban again. :L But it was on my list (obviously that justifies it)!!!! And it was either that or China Glaze - Snow Globe (Snow Globe has been rejected in my head quite a few times). Simple put I lily love this polish (:L). I love flakies I love how they are iridescent so they are different colours in the light. I love that the base is pink (even though it doesn't really matter cause it doesn't show up when layered). It's gorgeous, nuff said. 

Hehe close up of Barbie Girl. Yes without saying, I really like this combo, not a favourite (I have something else for favourites ;)) but it's lovely. And really fun :)

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