Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Combo: Seaweed in troubled waters

Hello!!! Back from my "break". Well I went on a trip, then I went to my cousin house for 2 weeks and I couldn't find a way to upload my pictures (I probably could've found a way to upload my pictures but I decided to take a break :P). When I got back to my aunt's house there was a bit of a computer problem so I had to wait until I could post. But anyway now I'm back to posting (need to get used to writing sentences again :P).

In my opinion one of the best things about nail polish is layering. There are pretty much endless combinations, so this is one of the combinations I have done. I'll probably be posting quite a lot of combos, I love them! ;D

And yes I give them names sometimes (most of the time). I thought the green sparkle was kind of like the seaweed and the crazy layered glitter was "troubled waters". This was Revlon - Dreamer, Revlon - Radiant (blue glitter with larger green pieces) and Revlon - Belle (silver glitter with larger holographic pieces and blue glitter). Dreamer has always been one I layer over. I don't really like this combination, I layered Radiant first by itself and that didn't look too good. Belle did make it look better but it was the colour of Dreamer. I don't actually like it. This is why I layer over it.

Well you win some you lose some. This was kind of in-between cause I like the glitter (but they are nicer in other combinations).

More combinations to come, most better than this one :P

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