Sunday, 19 August 2012

Blue Nails: Nails Inc. - Baker Street

I should really stop writing about my ban cause it's obviously not working. Including this polish I got another 2 -_- But the white was essential. Also there was me writing about how you can't say no to cheap nail polish. Boots has a clearance section -_- Needn't to say I bought all the Revlon nail polish there cause it was 50p (literally impossible to say no)!!! I'm giving most of it away (I promise!). But the polish in this post, no regrets at all because it's amazing and I love it.

                                                     (Artificial Light)

                                                      (Natural Light)

My first Nail Inc. polish. The colour is absolutely amazing. And for some weird reason I love the bottle. It dried like half matte and half shiny, which I thought was really cool, but I put a top coat on top so the pictures are shiny. I saw this polish on The Sneakerette and I thought "I need it". Which I did. It's the most amazing bright cobalt blue. 2 coats for full opacity, 1st coat was a bit streaky but the 2nd coat made it amazing. I think this is quite a new Nails Inc. polish. I don't know if this was just me but it didn't smell great. Normally I can ignore the smell or I don't really smell anything, but this I guess smelt a bit weird. Anyway I don't care, cause it's amazing.

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