Thursday, 9 August 2012

Combo: Mermaid's Dream

I didn't name this Mermaid's Dream because I think that it's the same as the Deborah Lippmann polish. But because it's my version of Mermaid's Dream. (But personally I think that my base colour is nicer than Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream :P).

It could've been perfect, but Revlon - Radiant lets it down. The blue glitter particles are just too small, if they were slightly bigger and more spread out it could've been amazing. Well until I find that polish that also has larger green and silver glitter pieces, this will have to do. Otherwise it's still pretty :3.  

I started with Topshop - Green Room. That polish disappointed me, and also it is nothing like the photos, every lighting I tried. Still could not capture the colour :( Seriously I looked at this picture and thought "What is this beautiful colour before me?". I wish Green Room was like that. I could see my nail line with this polish and it is very green. I know it's called Green Room but the bottle looked really blue (and beautiful), it's green and not a particularly nice shade. Also, I HATE VISIBLE NAIL LINES!!! If it's a little bit I can handle it, but even after 4-5 coats it was still clear as day. And I hate it. Of course the solution was a white base. No7 - Snowflake. 3 coats white and 2 coats blue/green. Even after this step I really liked it.

Ok the magic ingredient, w7 - Polar Bare. I'm sure any frosty white sheer polish would do, but I hadn't used this much as I wasn't sure when to use it. Here, I found I should use it here. I love this base, I've used it for bases of nail art cause I love it. One coat. Also it's not that brush strokey.

Then finally Radiant, 2 coats. Problems stated above. Overall pretty successful but more polish searching for me ^_^

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