Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Combo: Mustard Fire Sprinkles (+ Guest nails)

Kind of a crazy name ;P Basically a combination of a mustard yellow and some flakies. Also the guest nails, my sister's!!! The shape of my sister's nails are SO NICE. When I was younger I used to be jealous of her nails cause they were so long (I used to bite :/) and perfectly shaped.

The manicure was a couple of days old. Also awkward hand positions because my sister didn't know what to do and I didn't guide her very well :/ Oh well. But look how perfect the shape of her nails are :D So easy to paint. I was actually meant to do a post on another combination I did on her. But the thing with my sister, the moment I finish painting her nails. She gets them chipped -_- And she got some serious chips on both of her hands. It was beyond repair. Of course the exact same thing happened this time. She just doesn't care. But I managed to fix the damage and reminded her to be careful (she wasn't). But seriously some of those chips was ridiculous.

It's Topshop - Naked and China Glaze - Luxe and Lush. Her favourite colour is yellow and she agreed to a mustard yellow. Then I told her I had to add Luxe and Lush. Which I didn't really give her an option on. Luxe and Lush looks kind of blue-toned in these pictures but it's more orange close up. Therefore being the "fire". 2 coats of Naked and 2 coats of Luxe and Lush. I think Luxe and Lush is the kind of glitter that would look good over everything. So I had to put it over something else.

This is Luxe and Lush layered over The Face Shop - BL601 and Models Own - Indian Ocean. It still looks pretty :D. The first time I used Luxe and Lush it must not have been "mixed in" well enough, cause 2 coats was more than enough.

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