Friday, 3 August 2012

My Perfect Colour

Hello, this is a very special colour to me. There's no sentimental reason or anything, it's just the colour. I've been looking for this colour for almost a year. Maybe for others it's the easier nail polish colour to find but seriously. I. Could. Not. Find. It. The shade colour just be wrong. I'm very anal when it comes to these things. It's called a perfect colour for a reason.

(I thought my pictures would be too crappy to post but it ended up pretty colour accurate so it's all good ;))

Oh my. It's perfect. My perfect colour is a light Tiffany blue or robin's egg blue (reminds me for Owl City's song "Brielle":)) and probably it has loads of other names but the names above are the ones I refer it to as. I've seen so many variations. But. They. Are. Not. This. Correct. Shade. See all the others shades were WRONG. Eg China Glaze - For Audrey (and really that should've been right, I personally think it's not the bright Tiffany blue but it's still nice), OPI - Mermaid Tears, Essie - Turquoise and Caicos etc. The list goes on.

Well I should actually write what it is and its The Face Shop - GR501. I have been loving The Face Shop polishes, inexpensive, really good quality and great colours. Also it's clearly not green so the GR is not needed.

Without saying it's my favourite nail polish and hopefully it will be that way for a while. Sometimes I just look at it and think "OH MY GOODNESS IT'S SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL". It also gives a sense of achievement from finding the colour (which it really shouldn't, now finding a nail polish is an achievement :/), when I first saw the colour I had a feeling it would be perfect. I was just hoping application would be good, and it was 2 coats for full opacity, I did 3 for luck and I did an extra coat before the photos becuase it was mildly chipped (5 days without topcoat :)). Just one more, IT'S PERFECT!!!!! :D

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