Saturday, 4 August 2012

Entry to Polish Art Addiction's contest

I call it Candy Flowers and Treats (cause I have to name everything I do ;))
I loved the theme to this contest (monochrome) and wanted to do a kind of twist on the traditional polka dots and roses (which is one of my favourite nail art things to do). So I did it in pink.

Since I'm on holiday I didn't have a pale pink with me and that was quite crucial in this design. Of course me being a genius (sarcasm, please don't take me seriously) I came up with a plan. I got No7 - Snowflake and layered OPI - I Lily Love You over it (and cause I love it :)). Hopefully that's ok, 4 coats was too much though, in real life it was hard to differentiate the roses and the background (thankfully only in some lighting).

Another issue was I had limited pinks so I borrowed one from my aunt. Topshop - Domestic Goddess, which in the bottle looked like a dusty rose. Once I put it on my nail I thought "It's brown", which really annoyed me. Slowly though throughout the day I kept looking at it and it became it's true dusty rose colour. This photo looks dusty rose thankfully, I found a really good lighting spot ^_^ I used that for the polka dots and the roses. I wasn't sure if it would go with The Face Shop - PK105 but I thought the combination was great.

One of my favourite things about this are the pink leaves, that was the reason I wanted to do this in pink, for pink leaves. It was also the background colour for the polka dots. It's OPI - Charged Up Cherry, I've only shown it with nail art on top currently. But again it's lovely.

Right hand picture, the only difference is that I used Charged Up Cherry to do lines on the roses, which did nothing, but I was experimenting.

Nice close up of my thumb, where I really like it basically, but sometimes the roses look really in depth, I noticed that when looking at it. Only sometimes though... :P

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