Monday, 13 August 2012

Green Nails: OPI - Jade Is The New Black

Hiya :) This is kind of my substitution for Nail Of The Day posts. Or just "plain" nails. I like Nail Of The Day posts, but I just don't like writing them myself. That's probably weird. So I've put it under a different name. Yeah cause that's me being clever :/

                       (Artificial Light, of course my 4th finger has a random hair on it :/)

                                                            (Natural Light)

These pictures were taken last week so my nails are quite long. As the title states it's OPI - Jade Is The New Black. From the Hong Kong collection. Not a new polish but new for me. I would describe it as a forest green, perfect for Christmas manis. Oh my goodness Christmas!!!! Maybe a bit early to be thinking for that, but I love Christmas <3. I've liking greens more now-a-days but not dark green. But good OPI formula, full opacity in 2 coats and quite shiny.

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