Sunday, 26 August 2012

Geek Nail Challenge: Bomberman

Hi everyone, decided to add an extra manicure for this week's theme. Now slightly regretting that decision because of the outcome of the manicure. I decided to do Bomberman because I recently found a Bomberman t-shirt hiding in my old wardrobe, ok that t-shirt is awesome and I think it's great. When I found it I chopped off the collar and put it in the wash (it was pretty dusty). I can now confidently say I will wear that t-shirt forever.

The other reason I choose to do Bomberman is because I recently found my Bomberman cartridge for DS, I didn't even know that I owned it!!!! It's a game developed by Hudson Soft.  It's a great game, only for Battle mode is enough. Many hours on that game have been spent by my friend and myself. One thing though, the remote control bomb is totally overpowered, I could actually win (the computers were hard :/).

      (Thumb: Bomb, L-R, Bomberman, Speed up power-up, Brick block, Fire up power-up)

The gist of this manicure is that it didn't turn out the way I wanted and it ate up a long time. I definitely underestimated the difficulty. It was the black outlining that was the worst. It's just not as neat as I'd like it to be!!!!
Green: Barry M - Mint Green
Dark Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
White: Models Own - Snow White
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black (no name)
Yellow: Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream
Red: Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff
Brown: Paris Collection - Mauve Melody
Orange: Bourjois - Tangerine Fatal
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Pink: Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream
The green and the dark green are meant to be the checkered floor in the Bomberman arena. It kind of worked. Well I'm going to put pictures of my t-shirt cause it's awesome and takes away from my disappointing mani.

                        (My camera made my t-shirt look blue, it's purple)

                        (A better picture, I just love the retro Bomberman)

This is the best part of the t-shirt, at the back of the collar there's a bomb!!!! :O It's amazing. The collar is a bit rolled up cause of me cutting the collar off (I like t-shirt with wider necks), I would've cut off more if the bomb wasn't there. No one will see it as my hair covers it, but knowing it's there makes me happy. I also found a retro Pac-man top (:D), can't wait to chop off the collar. I got them both a while back from Uni-Qlo, so glad I found them!!!

After that failed manicure, something happy had to show up. AND, check out everyone else doing the challenge!!!! :D