Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pink Water Marble

I had to try water marbling again whilst some of my nail polishes are still new. The problem was that I was rushed when water marbling cause I had to go out and I had already began taping up my fingers, so SPEED WATER MARBLING. Therefore making a person more careless and if I messed up a design I'd be dunking my finger in anyway. I started with 2 coats of Models Own - Snow White (best name ever for a white nail polish) and a really cute cup with unicorns and castles on it.

My right hand turned out better than obviously (my right hand always turns out better :/) but I still think it's a fair attempt.
Pale pink: The Face Shop - PK105
Rosy pink: Essie - Your Hut Or Mine?
Hot pink: OPI - Charged Up Cherry
My water was almost room temperature (on the cold side) so the colours were spreading. Helpful that the first drop sank to the bottom, but that was because I dropped it in from too high.

I just couldn't draw my designs, when I drew something it would just break apart. Like my middle finger, what was that? Even though my ring finger had a seriously weird design on it, I think it's really cool. The Face Shop pink is my lot darker but I like the colour that came out. And Charged Up Cherry looked darker on my left hand.

Since taping was rushed I didn't do a very good job, covering over my nail. This applies more to my right hand though.

I realised the problem with my left hand was The Face Shop - PK105, it was just not the right texture. But I had OPI - Japanese Rose Garden on standby. That polish was seriously made for water-marbling and Charged Up Cherry too. The Essie one was good too. It has also once again rekindled my love for Charged Up Cherry.

Even though blue is my favourite colour, nail polish or otherwise. It's pink nail polish that sucks me in, if there's a stand I'll automatically be drawn to the pink nail polish. Maybe it's from childhood, loving pink. In my collection I have the most pink nail polish, some very similar to others. I have to stop buying pink nail polish.

The right was more successful simply because of better spreading, I did 2 nails in one go cause I was rushed, not that difficult. Made me realise that water marbling does waste a lot of polish.

My thumb's worth showing, my other thumb is not, there was a hole and I tried to patch it up but I failed.

With my right hand I taped up so badly that so much white was showing and I had to patch up a lot, some better patched up than others. Some you can't tell, and some you really can.

I didn't really have nightmare experiences that some people do, but I didn't have a perfect experience either. My 2nd attempt turned out much better than the first. I read some people saying that the time and effort for water marbling isn't worth the outcome, and some people thinking it's cool. I'm kind of on the fence about this one, I'm not sure. Maybe when I can't think of what to do with my nails, I'll water marble, but I definitely prefer simple painting and nail art.

Oh gosh, I ramble -_-

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