Tuesday 30 April 2013

Pink + Blue + Purple + Green Leopard

Oh hey there guys!!! I hope you are all well, I have a mildly stressful week ahead of me, but hopefully everything will turn out right. Happy last day of April, I have to say this year is going obscenely fast, I can't keep up! I can't go a month without minimum 2 leopard prints, I was doing my nails, couldn't think of what to do and I was like "Oh my goodness I haven't used my 2nd leopard print!" which obviously called for my 2nd leopard print (I held out til the last day of April!).

I used a double accent for the banter (I am enjoying this phrase), I wanted to try out some new polishes (as in last post) and of course leopard is the way forward.
Pink: Color Club - Wing Fling
Blue: Color Club - Sky High
Purple: Barry M - Prickly Pear
Green: Illamasqua - Nomad
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Color Club Wing Fling and Sky High are glass-fleck polishes from last year's Take Wing collection and I have to say. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I told myself I could keep 2 from the set and it was tough, but I've been looking for a more fuchsia pink and I'm a sucker for blue.
Sky High is AMAZING, I surprisingly don't have a blue that shade. Glass fleck polishes are so pretty and sparkly and Sky High has the most beautiful purple duochrome going on. I have mentioned I am not a fan of duochrome polishes, but this one is in a league of it's own (didn't show up in photos though).
I really really liked all the colours I picked up (by the way after some calculating I got the Color Club's for £1.14 each :O Love ya TK Maxx), but Prickly Pear and Sky High were automatically added to my favourites.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a fantastic day!! :)

Sunday 28 April 2013

Chubby Bunnies

Oh hey there guys!! How are you this fine Sunday evening? I don't actually know, I'm not dreading school (though I should be) but it's not like I'm aching to get there (but what child ever is??). Since I'm liking the animal nail art right now, I chose to paint some bunnies. They ended up chubby through no fault of their own.

At first I was disappointed with my bunnies, but I grew to think they're cute (and that is the most important thing). A question you may be asking is "Why are those carrots white and black?", no crazy answer just because I wanted them to work with the colour scheme.
If I ever got a bunny (which I won't because my mother despises animals) I would name it "Milk" (because I can) or "Fluffernutter" (HIMYM reference), aw man I'd have to buy 2 cause I wouldn't be able to pick. My friend named her fish "Lorenzo Vonmatterhorn" (the other one "Fish" because she had used all her naming powers), how legendary right? ;)
Purple: Barry M - Prickly Pear (What a cute name :3)
Pink: Color Club - Wing Fling
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
Light Pink: Professional Nail Care French Manicure - French Pink
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
I got new polishes, the Barry M was on my wishlist but I took it off cause I told myself I didn't "need" it (then I decided I did "need" it). OH MY GOODNESS IT'S GORGEOUS, purple is not my colour. BUT THIS CHANGES MY MIND IT'S SO PRETTY. It's a perfect lavender and I just love the colour, it's amazing.
The pink is one of my first Color Clubs, TK Maxx (love) are selling them in sets and I picked up the "Take Wing" collection. Not all for me (but some for me, oh man I am loving brackets today), and it's so pretty, but I will writing about it more next post.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!! :)

Friday 26 April 2013

Imitation One Stroke Floral Nail Art

Oh hey there guys!! The long week is once again over, I had a weirdly good day. I hope you did too :) I have mentioned before something I'm not so hot at is floral nail art, but I had a good feeling about this design. Hopefully we have all seen Lucy's Stash's GORGEOUS one stroke floral nails, it's something I would love to try but I don't own any nail art brushes (which I'm definitely ok with, I don't need brushes). I didn't have that in mind when doing these nails but at one stage I was reminded and rolled with it. I'm proud of this one.

This might be the best floral design I've ever done (very likely as my floral nail art is not so good), this is the kind of flower I draw and it's about time I translated it nail style. I think it's quite pretty, I've got a lot of lovely comments from lovely people when they've seen these nails. Also I just want to reiterate that I LOVE flowers, they are beautiful and it reflects in my blog name too. I really like the colours too and I'm just pleased :)
Blue: The Face Shop - BL601
Silver Glitter (used for gradient): Barry M - Silver Glitter and Nails Inc - Abbey Road
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
Pink: Barry M - Fuchsia
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
I'm thinking of doing a tutorial for this (for the banter :P), it's not too hard and maybe a good alternative for the one stroke flowers (but way less pretty). But I think it's a nice floral design in it's own right. I want to do more tutorials (when I have time :/), and yes I have done a tutorial and it's on leopard print (surprise surprise). I have to say all the polishes used have great formulas and are generally fantastic polishes.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you very much for reading!!! :D

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Pink + Blue Ikat Nails

Oh hi there!! Hope you all are well, after this post I am being greeted with a ton of schoolwork. Yay!! -_- I wanted to do a simple manicure and ikat nails fit the bill and they look really cool.

Unfortunately I picked the wrong colour combination, Japanese Rose Garden is such a disappointing colour. It's got a fantastic formula but the colour just doesn't hit the spot, also the glitter was a bad idea (maybe the only time I will ever say that). But in pictures the manicure looks nicer. Otherwise I like it, but I should've used a more vibrant pink but too late now.
Pink: OPI - Japanese Rose Garden
Gold Glitter: Nails Inc - Glamour Glitter
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
White: Model Own - Snow White (Lovely Me:Ex - White for touching up)
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Formula wise all these polishes are great, I feel bad about bashing Japanese Rose Garden, it's not a bad polish just not my colour, it's awesome for water marbling if that makes things better.

Thank you for reading and I really hope you have a lovely day!!! :)

Monday 22 April 2013

Rilakkuma (Relax Bear) Nail Art

Oh hey there!!! How are you? I'm feeling ok-ish, I was meant to post yesterday but I got out of hand revising (I am one party). But really I started writing notes at 5pm and by 11pm I still hadn't finished. My maximum break could've been 2 hours so that was some intense writing. Unfortunately the test was today and I'm not so sure if I did great.
Whatever moving forward, I wanted bear nails and automatically an image of a bear appeared in my head. I could not for the life of me figure what bear it was, and that annoyed me. Of course I proceeded to ask the internet (the internet knows everything), where I typed in "cartoon bear" which did not work. Then I typed in "korean bear" which also was not so helpful but there was an image with the bear I was looking for. Turns out the bear is Japanese and called Rilakkuma (translated to relax bear). I am positive I've seen this bear before but I can't remember where (it's going to annoy me), but he is ADORABLE.

Ok forever I love him and I need him more in my life. I didn't copy the cartoon exactly I added some elements that I tend to do with everything I paint. I was put off animal nail art for a bit (I. Do. Not. Know. Why), but I am definitely back on cause ANIMALS ARE ADORABLE.
Yes I am a fan of this design cause bears are adorable, I think I love bears now. Obviously not the grizzly scary kind but the cute bear cubs etc. I melt (in a good way). The chick on my pinky is another character in the show. Oh man, SO CUTE.
Base: Revlon - Blue Lagoon, Models Own - Indian Ocean and OPI - Last Friday Night
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White (for details) and Models Own - Snow White (for base)
Brown: Nails Inc - Porchester Square
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Yellow: Rimmel - Sunshine
Orange: Essie - Fear Or Desire
Porchester Square is beast for nail art cause it's so opaque, and in general it's a nice colour (just not my thing). I want to like Sunshine more, but once I had it on my nail (singular I don't know what I was doing, probably some kind of nail art thing) and it stained. I was not happy about this. Otherwise it's still a decent yellow, but you know yellows, they have many coat formulas.
Picture spam!!! Cause it's cute ^_^

I now want a ton of Rilakkuma paraphernalia, just because that bear is so stinking cute and he can just chill with me :P
Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!!! :D 

Saturday 20 April 2013

I'm a little butterfly

Hi there guys!! I hope you all are enjoying the weekend, the weather has been kind of crazy but I've been inside the whole time so not like that matters :P You probably don't get the reference in the title, I think we have established I am a big kid. So yes the reference is from the show "Austin and Ally" which is a kids show and I adore it. It's unbelievably cheesy but that makes me love it, I NEED to watch the next episode. I will not fangirl over a kids programme right now (but trust me, I have fangirled many a time in the past over this show) but the next episode will be particularly exciting. Oh yeah I have butterfly nail art :P

I did some butterfly wing nail art in my 31 day challenge (beware of lack of clean-up), those were quite nice. But I really like it this time, I was surprised with how much I liked the design. I couldn't stop staring, which is rare for me. Once again the white dots really make everything.

I started with 2 coats of OPI - Charged Up Cherry, you could totally get away with 1 coat if you have shorter nails. Now I'm kind of wishing I used a different shade of pink but whatever doesn't matter. Then I added some random blobs of Barry M - Pink Foil (Boots Xmas LE 2012 B) and OPI - Excuse Moi!. Finally to "seal" everything I used 1 coat of OPI - I Lily Love You. It wasn't completely dry when I began to draw with my black pen (Lovely Me:Ex - Black) but it didn't affect anything. It's all about making your segments even, and of course the white dots (Lovely Me:Ex - White).

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!!! :)

Friday 19 April 2013

Combo: Indian lagoon on a Friday

Hi there guys!! The long week is over, kind of. I have to revise, hopefully I'm not the only one. But every time I say "I'm definitely going to revise today", it never happens and it repeats for the next couple of days until it gets to the point of "Gurl, you actually have to sit down and do some work". Anyway, today I have a combo, I like combining my blue polishes (blue is my favourite colour) and often they work really well together. So unsurprisingly this combination worked.

It's subtle but pretty, I got a few compliments on it and I was surprised as it was so simple, but sometimes simple is the way forward.
I started with 3 coats of Revlon - Blue Lagoon. A pale blue with a silver/blue/purple shimmer which is pretty but never shows up on camera. It has a weird finish, not shiny, not matte, not really satin matte, kind of matte-shiny but more matteish? Ok I topped my worst description ever, but basically it's not your standard creme.
I added one coat of Models Own - Indian Ocean, I like it more as I use it more. It's a shimmery blue/purple duochrome, it makes blues pretty (unless they're dark, then a weird shade of purple shimmer turns up and it's not as nice).
Finally I used 3 coats of OPI - Last Friday Night, a sheer blue base with iridescent glitter and a blue micro-shimmer thing which is gorgeous. Looks awesome over light purple too, it's a lovely subtle glitter to complete the combination. I love me some blue nails anyway.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely weekend!!! :)

Thursday 18 April 2013

Cute Nautical Nails

Hey there everyone!!! We are nearing the end of the week (whoop whoop), this evening consists of homework (which requires effort which is something I am not so keen on) and a new episode of HIMYM!!! Yay!!! I love the nautical style, the stripes, the colour scheme, the anchors etc. It is simply adorable, so I wondered why I hadn't done nautical nails in quite a while. That obviously called for some nautical nails.

Ok (not to sound narcissistic) I love it, I've just mentioned my love for the nautical style, it's fabulous. I didn't have a detailed plan before I went in and I'm so happy with the way it turned out :D The hearts are so small and sweet, they're something I normally would have messed up, but not today mister!
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
Blue: Kiko - 265
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
Blue/Pink/Silver Glitter: Nails Inc - Sweets Way
Green/Holographic glitter in blue base: Orly - Go Deeper
Red nails looks super sophisticated, Dutch Tulips is my go-to red. 95% of the time I use Dutch Tulips, it's a great red, it has a bit of a bit of pink tone to it and is plain pretty. It could totes be 1 coat but I do 2, unfortunately I've had my bottle for a while and it's getting a tash gloopy, but I can definitely deal with it cause it's not too bad. Kiko 265 is also a one coater, very dark I have to say but the shimmer is sooooooooo pretty. I added glitter to the hearts to add a bit of interest, totes (totes abusing totes today) pleased with how it turned out.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day!!! :D

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Smart cookies at a party

Hi there guys. I hope you're feeling ok and good, sometimes ok is ok for me. I wanted to do some food nail art (my favourite) and I decided on some cookies. The outcome was different than expected, in good and bad ways. Smart cookies remind me of last year when my friend drew a dinosaur in my homework diary, which led me to draw a dinosaur in my other friend's homework diary. Our dinosaurs were bezzies and my dinosaur was a dumb apple and her dinosaur was a smart cookie :') I don't know if this makes me cool or not (we'll pretend I'm cool).

I used Algae Veronica's "graffiti" design as part of my design, I personally don't think it looks like graffiti but I think it looks awesome. I really like her style, it's so bright and bold!! Anyway this is the "at the party" element, I added some glitter BOOM those smart cookies are at a party! I originally thought it was like explosions in the background but my friend said it looked like they were at a party and I was like "Oh yeah...".
My cookies aren't as cute as I wanted them, it's actually just the middle finger cookie I don't like. Otherwise they're quite cute. You don't tend to find smart cookies at parties :P
Brown: Nails Inc - Porchester Square
Dark Brown: w7 - Brownie
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Green: Illamasqua - Nomad
Orange: Essie - Fear Or Desire
Purple: Essie - Lilacism
Pink: Barry M - Fuchsia
Pink Glitter: OPI - Excuse Moi!
Blue Glitter/Blue Shards/Small Pink Glitter: Models Own - Freak Out!
Silver Glitter: Barry M - Silver Glitter and Revlon - Belle
Holographic Glitter: Barry M - Hologram Hexograms
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
I didn't want to risk smudging the design with topcoat but I felt the design needed smoothing out. I now realise my issues with topcoat. Everyone said "Take your time with applying topcoat" and I was like "Haha lol let's just not listen and go lighting fast with topcoat and smudge everything". Ok it wasn't all me but it was mostly me, I do blame topcoat too though. I always thought "Get topcoat over with quickly and it has less opportunity to mess up". Wrong. But I took my time and smudging is significantly better, ok there's still a bit but not bad at all. Lesson for today: Apply topcoat slowly, it's worth it.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!!!

Monday 15 April 2013

Shimmery Blue + Purple Leopard Print

Hi there guys!! I hope you are having an absolutely lovely day and a great start to your week!!! It is that time of the month again... LEOPARD PRINT TIME!!! You cannot go wrong with a nice, unnatural (thinking about it I've never done a natural leopard print before...) leopard print.

I painted more spots than I usually do. And they're smaller, I guess when you paint a larger amount of leopard (let's call it that) you run out of things to say. Um... I like leopard print?
Base: Revlon - Dreamer and Models Own - Indian Ocean
Pink: OPI - Japanese Rose Garden
Shimmery Pink: Barry M - Pink Foil (Boots LE Xmas 2012 B)
Silver: w7 - Silver Mirror
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Indian Ocean over Dreamer looks absolutely gorgeous, it brings out the duochrome-y-ness (so not a word) but Indian Ocean. Me encanta. I quite like all those colours together, I was in the mood for more cool toned colours.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!!!

Sunday 14 April 2013

Pop Out Nails

Hi there everyone!! I hope you are enjoying this lovely Sunday. I miss painting and blogging more frequently, but hopefully I will be getting back on the bandwagon very soon (very soon being tomorrow!!! Once again hopefully). I have been seeing these nails EVERYWHERE, and I wasn't sure if I liked it at first but once I saw it more I warmed to it. Unfortunately my attempt wasn't so great, I might try it again one of these days.

I think it's quite a me design, but the execution wasn't so great. I don't know what it was, maybe the border was too thick or the shine wasn't painted right, but the great thing is it looks WAY better in pictures and I'll take it :P
Another thing I don't like, borders. I think I need to give them a bit more time.  To add a bit of interest to the design I added I Lily Love You, it looks awesome matte, I should've put on another coat of it.
Personally I think the shine looks like exclamation marks, I don't think it's just me (unless it is :'().
The base of this I did a post in the earlier days of my blog, check it out if you please, I think my photography is better now but that's debatable ;)
Pink: The Face Shop - PK105 and OPI - I Lily Love You
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
I used 3 coats of PK105 to remove visible nail line and 2 coat of I Lily Love You which I should've used more of. I freehanded the border with a pen which is why it's not very even.

Thank you very reading and have a wonderful day!! :)

Thursday 11 April 2013

Hibiscus Nail Art

Hey there guys!!! 200th post!! Oh my goodness!!! It came right before my eyes, I was not ready, if I was I would've done some sort of special nail art. Which this is not really, something I'm not too hot at = floral nail art, so why not do some? Hibiscuses (hopefully that's grammatically correct :/) are some of my favourite flowers, I adore flowers so my inability to do floral nail art is a bit weird, people who know me know I LOVE drawing flowers but it just doesn't translate to nail art. But give it a try, it'll be alright (name that song reference?).
Unfortunately right now I have a ton of tests and exams so I'm not posting as often, hopefully it'll all be over soon (PLEASE BE OVER SOON) so I can post more (cause I love to :)).

I was planning to do a more intricate design but after this I realised I quite liked it like this. Another thing I'm not so hot at = gradients. I'm no good at blending, and yes I had another gradient fail but I was thankfully able to save it. They're summery colours which gets me in the mood ;) Then I freehanded some flowers, they're not the best but I like it, overall I was surprised that it looked quite nice (especially from a distance, it was one of those manicure).
Yellow: Topshop - Naked
Orange: Bourjois - Tangerine Fatal
Pink: Orly - Basket Case
Glitter: Nails Inc - Glamour Glitter 
Flakes: China Glaze - Luxe and Lush
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
This design is one where Luxe and Lush does not work, I hated it here. For one it was all lumpy and rough and made everything looked discoloured, picture wise it looks fine but it real life it's not pretty. It's just so disorganised and I don't like that. I thought it could tie things together but it made things worse, everything was already quite tied together. Majority of the time I don't like Luxe and Lush, it's just not my type of glitter.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!!! :)

Monday 8 April 2013

Flip-flop Fishtails

Hey there guys!! I hope you are doing fantastic, school has come and ruined everything :P Also I am fabulous at embarrassing myself in everything I do :/ Today I have some simple nail art I have never tried before simply because I thought I wouldn't like it. The chevron/fishtail manicure, and I think it's a really great design. I was wrong once again.

The thing is, it's so simple but it looks so striking (in my opinion anyway). I wanted a more cool colour palate, personally I think they look like flip-flops. I found it slightly challenging at the beginning (getting the point in the middle, keeping the lines straight) but once you get into it it gets easier and so much fun (it could be weird to find fishtails fun).
My ring finger was the result of a mistake, I wanted a glitter accent, but no glitter was going to build up by itself opaque. So I used a white base and that worked, but once I tried it again for another colour it was 6 coats and I knew it wouldn't last so I pushed it off. I proceeded with Metallic 4 Life again, the rejected glitter was Orly - Go Deeper.
Turquoise: Essie - Turquoise and Caicos
Hot Pink: OPI - Charged Up Cherry 
Green: China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint
Pale Purple: Essie - Lilacism
Light Blue: Revlon - Blue Lagoon
Pink: OPI - Japanese Rose Garden 
Dark Purple: OPI - Plum And Get It
Shimmery Blue: OPI - Sea You In Hollywood
Black Glitter: OPI - Metallic 4 Life
Pink Glitter: OPI - Excuse Moi! (OPI PARTY!!!)
White Base: Models Own - Snow White
I wanted to use more opaque polishes (makes thing SO much easier). I've been wary of Turquoise and Caicos for quite a while. I wanted to love it when I got it, but I didn't. It's such a me colour. I thought it took a million coats and bubbles badly. But I tried it again and 3 coats for opacity (2 coats was not going to suffice though) and the bubbles weren't too bad (I was more patient, but I am not a patient person). It's great for jelly sandwiches though.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!!! :)

Saturday 6 April 2013

She's my little Minnie Mouse

Hello there lovely people!! Hallelujah for the weekend, am I right? Gonna chill and enjoy this sunny (I know right, insanity) Saturday. I'm pretty sure Minnie Mouse is a universal cartoon character everyone knows, and she's adorable. And since I felt like it, that calls for Minnie Mouse nail art.

Ok not gonna lie I'm really proud of this one, I adore all things cute and that lil' mouse is the epitome of cute. I freehanded the design (as always, I can't do anything else :P) with the combination of nail art pens, toothpicks and the brush of the nail polish. I'm happiest with the Minnie on my thumb, it was precision to the max. I thought top coat would screw up everything but thankfully it really just smoothed things out, as opposed to smudging everything. Yay for that!! 
Pink: Barry M - Fuchsia 
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Light Peach: w7 - Linen
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
Linen is a very opaque polish which was handy (pun?) for this design. I wasn't sure if pink would be a suitable background for this design but I think it works as it brings out the girliness (sorry I'm not very sure if this word exists) of Minnie... Or something like that, my english essay mind is currently wanting to appear. It's too bad I'm not very good at english essays. 

During my 31 day challenge last year I did a Minnie mouse-esque design, it's much simpler but it's quite cute. Beware of bad cuticles though. 
Finally a close-up of Minnie :)
Thank you very much for reading this rather long post and have a wonderful day!!!! :)

Friday 5 April 2013

Match Made In Heaven: Sprinkle Of Fairy

Hey there guise!!! Hope your enjoying this lovely day, for me it's making the most of what's left of my holiday. Which means "revising". But oh well. I haven't done one of these Match Made In Heaven posts in ages, so I have one here today. I'm using the picture I took a while ago, I should do this combination again soon though cause it's super pretty.

This was the base I fell in love with for my polar bear design. I used 2 coats of Essie - Bikini So Teeny, one of my favourite polishes. It's a cornflower blue with silver shimmer and it's gorgeous. 
I continued with 1 coat of Models Own - Indian Ocean. I think it was intended to be a duochrome but it's not really, still pretty though. It's more a blue/purple shimmer kind of thing. 
I added one coat of Barry M - Silver Glitter, it was limited edition Christmas 2011, but it's your standard silver glitter, but it's really dense.  
I think what really pulled the combination together is that 1 coat of Barry M - Pink Iridescent. The base is tinted pink but it really doesn't show, it might as well be clear. Pink Iridescent is difficult to remove, you wouldn't think it (maybe) but tough scrubbing is required or the tin foil method.  I found with the glitter on top of Indian Ocean it brings out the purple in Indian Ocean whilst still showing the blue. It's pwetty :3

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!! :)

Thursday 4 April 2013

Celebrate good times, comeon?

Hi there nail people!! I'm not sure about my title, the nail art is related but really I have no good times to celebrate right now. All I have to look forward to are exams and to put it simply I am not looking forward to exams :'( I've had a lazy day today (as I have everyday), I really do need to do some kind of work, but blog post first (procrastination at it's highest levels :/). I have some simple nail art today, those banner things you put up at parties, apparently they're called "bunting".

I like triangles, this is quite cute. It could be a funky half moon manicure... I really have nothing else to say, this is a first. No ramble from me today ;)
Pink: Barry M - Fuchsia and Revlon - Belle
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Green: Illamasqua - Nomad
Purple: Essie - Lilacism
Dark Blue: Kiko - 265
I've never know how to describe Belle until now, it's small silver and iridescent glitter (they're tiny squares!!!) with larger holographic pieces of glitter. It's a nice one, my best friend got it for me almost 2 years ago. Once again thanks to her :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely productive day!! :)

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Pink Nails: Barry M - Fuchsia

Hi there guys!! I assume that you enjoyed your 12 hours of pranks yesterday. I have never actually played a big joke on anyone on April Fool's day, I just can't be bothered. But in other news I fell for every single April Fool blog post and Youtube video. Seriously, it would take me an age before I would process the date, and be like "Ohhhhh, I actually I fell for that" -_- Really some of it was ridiculous. Today I have a new polish (WAHOO!!!), I love me some Barry M and I picked up this one. Yeah that's it, nothing else.

Well ok maybe not nothing else (I have a story for everything, normally terrible but that doesn't stop me), I have been looking for a pinky purpley polish and I found the perfect one. Illamasqua Obsess (is more blue-toned than Fuchsia and is beautiful), the problem is I had a ton of Illamasqua polishes on my wishlist ("a ton" being 3) but I don't have the money for 3 and I'm just not willing, so I had to find a suitable replacement. Which was this polish. By the way I only have 1 Illamasqua polish on my wishlist now, even though they are expensive I do think it's worth it as the colours are gorgeous and the formula is wonderful.

I've spent more time talking about polishes not even in this post -_- Anyway Fuchsia is a gorgeous colour, it's difficult to photograph, I tried my hardest with my editing skillz to get it colour accurate but I couldn't quite get it there. It's very close but I'll say it's a touch darker and a tiny bit more red-toned. It was pretty much a 1 coater (but I did 2), the formula is great, somewhat runny but it doesn't pool in the cuticles. Hmm let me describe the colour, it's fuchsia. On the hint of red side dark pink (what fuchsia is basically). Why it took me so long to own this one I'll never know, another winner from Barry M I say.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!! :)