Sunday 30 June 2013

Pre-Summer Haul!!

Hello there your fantabulous people!! Last day of June :'( Everything is going so fast. I hope that at least some of you are on holiday or are just relaxing. Though it is already summer, since I had school I couldn't call it summer. Once my exams were over I went out and bought some polish (cause there's no better way to celebrate!!), I have not bought a lot of polish this year in general due to my no/low buy. Proud my myself ^_^ But exams were over and I went out and fulfilled some items on my wishlist. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

So this is my cumulative haul, personally I still think I was very controlled. I've already mentioned that I got Clowning Around separately. Otherwise I dove in, in one go. It feels brilliant ;) I do these haul posts because they're so much fun!! I really plan for these post exam trips cause this is where I can go cray.

Ok starting with the Barry M's:
Pink: Superdrug Summer Limited Edition 2013 A
Boots and Superdrug have limited edition summer polishes and I cannot resist the Barry M limited editions!! As proven by the winter limited editions I always have to buy. There was also a deal in Superdrug, spend more than £6 and get one of the limited editions for free, it had to happen. I knew I would be getting the pink one, it's a lovely corally pink shade. ALSO I CAN'T GET OVER HOW CUTE THE LID IS!! Hopefully I will be doing separate posts for all these polishes, I have tried them all and you will know the ones I love. Boots also has a deal going on, buy 1 get one half price but Superdrug is where it's at (it gave me a better excuse to spend more). The other one from Superdrug was a bright green (with a tribal lid!) and in Boots the limited editions are yellow and a darker fuchsia pink.
Green: Greenberry
A great jade turquoise green from the Gelly range (which is very shiny). I love these kinds of colours, I used to consider this colour my perfect colour (as opposed to Robin's egg blue).
Glitter: Ruby
Black and ruby glitter with small black glitter, I thought the concept was awesome. Really liking the black glitter.
White: Matt White
I was hoping to get the Sinful Colors white (cause Boots sell Sinful Colors now!!) cause it's cheap, but it wasn't in stock :/ I am not willing to spend a lot of money on a white and my current white polish is dead. I don't like when my plans fall though so I had to formulate a new plan therefore I got the Barry M white, which I'm liking currently (before it turns into a gloopy mess). By the way it's not matte.
Oh man Barry knows how to sell his M's (ok that didn't make sense), every UK gal must own a million Barry M's because they are SO amazing and well-priced. I um...own 20 (*shuuusssssssssh*), it is my most owned brand.

I have already raved and then raved more about Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around, a multi-coloured neon hex polish which is so beautiful that I lose the ability to even. I'm being serious when I say I screamed when the parcel came. 
Finally we have Illamasqua - Jo'Mina on my wishlist forever as I've been looking for the perfect medium purple creme for the longest time. It's not even looking for it, it was actually getting it. I have previously mentioned that I think Illamasqua is worth the money because of the gorgeous colours and the wonderful formulas. But I will not be another Illamasqua polish for a long time (let's hope), but Jo'Mina is so lovely. I really love colours like that.

I hope you enjoyed this haul post, thanks for reading!!! Have a wonderful day!! :D 

Friday 28 June 2013

Blue Bling Leopard Print

Oh hey there everyone!! Yay for Friday!! And the end of school!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Unfortunately I realised my posting may still be a sporadic cause my summer is crazy (bummed about that). Hallelujah for summer!! But we'll see what I can do, it may not be that sporadic. Summer = relaxation = no effort. Oh man I am not a fan of effort. So today I have a leopard print, I have not used up my other leopard print for this month, so it had to happen. And this one is sparkly O.o

There I was with my blue nails and I questioning what to do. I really didn't know. But I recently I arranged my stash, I arrange by colour (not brand cause colour is what I go by) with some favourites at the front. But I decided to put all my favourites at the front, and whilst sitting there I saw Hologram Hexograms out of the corner of my eye and I had a crazy idea... Which I rolled with.

I decided to use Barry M - Hologram Hexograms as the leopard spots, I would blob a bit then use a toothpick for a bit more placement. The abundance of clear polish created lumps but it wasn't too bad and I didn't mind. The hexes could constitute as "glequins" (term created by The Nailasaurus). The black went right over and they were bombin' leopard spots.
Blue: Color Club - Sky High
Light Purple: Barry M - Berry Ice Cream
Purple: OPI - Plum And Get It
Dusty Blue: Revlon - Dreamer
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Fine Holographic Glitter: Nails Inc - Abbey Road
I have not used Abbey Road enough, it's right up my street!! It's holographic glitter!! I found what makes it TOTES AMAZE, adding topcoat!! I should've known this, it's not like it's some crazy hidden fact -_- It was super sparkly and that's always a good thing.

Obviously I loved the sparkle of this mani, and I liked the colours too. Also I abuse leopard print, but what's new?
I hope you have a great weekend!! Hopefully I can do some nice posts over the summer and thank you for reading!! :)

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Blue Nails: Color Club - Sky High

Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Oh looky here, it's now possible to follow my blog on Bloglovin' (at least I think so, I'm such a noob with the internet :/), how exciting! Hi there you fine folks!! Hoping Wednesday is going fine for you, I'm yearning for the end of school, it can't come soon enough. Today I have a blue polish that I obtained recently. It's pretty great, the shade of blue is one of the main reasons I loves it. Also the beautiful duochrome.

This is probably the most colour accurate picture I took, but the others show off the duochrome. This is the most accurate portrayal of the blue, the other pictures make it too foily/dark. Ain't it a great shade?

The duochrome really is something, it wasn't really showing up but it's very prominent in real life (hints are in the picture). My friends were also oohing and aahing with me as the colour shifted from blue to the super pretty purple. In all honesty duochrome isn't really my thing because personally I don't think the colours of those polishes are very nice, but this is a definite exception. Also I have a lot of blue polish, but not a shade like this. Yay!!

I used 2/3 coats for my swatch, 2 is definitely enough but I applied it weirdly so some nails needed 3 coats. Unfortunately I made my coats too thick so bubbles were formed (but you can't really see them in the pictures!!!), thin coats are best for this polish. It builds well and it's so pretty during application. The brush is on the smaller side, I don't care but you might :)
I saw others commenting about staining with this polish but I had none, this time and previous times. With the use of 1/2 coats of base coat I had no staining, but it might stain on you so to be on the safe side you should use 2 coats of base coat.
I got this in a set from TK Maxx (where else really?) and I think it's fantastic. It's from last year's Take Wing collection. I want to have more Color Club's in my life ;)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!!! :)

Monday 24 June 2013

Gimme Glitter: Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around

Oh hey there wonderful you, hoping your Monday was fun. Last post I mentioned I got some EXTREMELY EXCITING MAIL. I had some other posts planned before this but I could not wait to post this. I'm finding it hard to write the rest of the post in lower case cause, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY FIRST INDIE POLISH!!! I CAN'T EVEN!!! I've been longing for this polish since March when I saw it on Chalkboard Nails. Now I adore indie polishes and all the time I'm like "OMG so pretty, I want it now!!!", but when I saw Clowning Around it was "HOW IS SUCH BEAUTY POSSIBLE!!! WAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNT!!!". After 4 months such beauty is mine. I want to show everyone how amazing this polish is, as it exceeded my expectations (which were very high) and it needs to be shown (requiring help from my phone as my camera was having difficulties)!! Get ready for a lot of pictures, but considering I took 143 it's not that much ;)

Can you tell which is phone and which is proper camera? (Probably can)
I am not a bottle shot person but this was required!!! How nice are the bottles?? :D
Hallelujah for my phone which came in to save the day!! But my camera didn't do a half bad job (the display screen lied to me). I needed to show how BRIGHT the glitter is and colour accurately (required colour correcting but not too much), because the colours of the glitter are GORGEOUS.
Clowning Around consists of NEON hexes, small pink, medium pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple and some big hexes which I didn't have to fish for (the only colour I didn't get was purple). Pictures still cannot do any justice, it's still brighter and cameras just aren't meeting the mark.
ISN'T SHE A BEAUTY!! The moment I put this on I have not stopped staring O.o <--- Me all the time. When applying, from the 1st brush I was squealing, I can't get over how amazing this is. The colours go so well together, NEON GLITTER, the big hexes, the general beauty, I CAN'T GET OVER IT!!! This polish is the definition of awesome, I find awesome is such an overused word (I do not enjoy using it on this blog) even speaking as a teen it's overused but this genuinely creates awe. OH MY GOODNESS IT'S SO AMAZING I CAN'T COPE I CAN'T DEAL I CAN'T EVEN OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I cannot describe the feelings. HOW IS SUCH BEAUTY POSSIBLE???

I pretty much have to admire indies from afar, but I was planning to purchase this but what triggered the dive into indie waters was Lush Lacquer announcing the closure of international shipping. I knew that was the sign to go. I waited 29 days for the parcel to go (hey less than a month, good for international shipping). I screamed when I opened it. Cause that's what people do.
I used 1 coat and dabbing of Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around over Barry M - Matt White for the colours to "pop" over. I found the first coat spread pretty well depending on how much you had on your brush but dabbing was needed to fill gaps, unfortunately occasionally creating bubbles (be careful folks, let it dry properly too, remember I was very excited and squealing). The bubbles definitely weren't too bad, it's not completely smooth (this is glitter we're talking about) so use your nice topcoats (I didn't but I should've cause the one I used sucked).

Throwing in a left hand picture, also shows how different the mixes of glitter can be :)
As previously mentioned, it's not like I can buy indies all the time due to shipping (it's expensive and I hate waiting, it makes me anxious) but Lush Lacquer was the first indie brand I was interested in.
It was the 4th of October 2012 (yes I remember the exact date :/), and before I really didn't understand. It never clicked in my head that these people were hand mixing the polish, it was just "cool" polish, I really was blank about it all, it never crossed my mind that people could make nail polish. But that day I was stalking browsing The PolishAholic's blog (she is such an enabler) and read one of her indie Saturday spams and everything fell into place, life made sense, a new part of me appeared. Haha joking, it wasn't that dramatic but I was very much hooked. I never got the Lush Lacquer polish I really liked then, but maybe one day. I LOVE glitter (hopefully you all could tell) so indies are right up my street, I have been googly-eyed over many an indie polish.

Urgh can you even? Cause I can't even. This is too amazing, I need calm, but I can't stop staring and I'm insistent on showing EVERYONE my nails cause I am enamoured. I kind of never want to take it off ;) I really adore Lush Lacquer as their polishes are so bright, colourful and fun (i.e. me) and just appeal to me. They released part 2 of their neon collection last Friday, which are SO nice. Also they reopened international shipping for a bit (might still be open!!) due to the new collection. I won't be back in indie waters for a while (no/low buy etc.), but I can't wait to get back to all the phenomenal polishes!!
The good thing about Lush Lacquer is that they're always open (so convenient) and can be bought from their Etsy and Llarowe.

Thank you very very much for reading this special post with lots of pictures and writing, but I couldn't help it!! And I have a question for you today. What was your 1st indie polish? And if you haven't yet got it what will your future 1st indie polish be? I am very interested to hear as, come on indies are awesome!! I hope you have a spectacular day!!! :D

Saturday 22 June 2013

Summer Flowers + Pink Gradient

Hello you lovely people!! MY EXAMS ARE OVER!!! Doing nothing has never felt SO GOOD, they finished a couple of days ago but I've been a bit busy and taking a break is ok. I feel FREE!! Haha. Posts will hopefully getting more frequent again (tres excitement) and improvements are to be made. Also I got some EXTREMELY EXCITING MAIL that I screamed over and such, so post on that soon. I love floral nails so it made sense to do some, I felt there a definite summer vibe to the look.

Taking the plunge and going for the big pictures, I've hesitated for a long time about this because come on THE PICTURES ARE ENORMOUS!! I wish there was a happy medium picture size but that doesn't exist so big pictures are happening. Hopefully we will all get used to it and I'll eventually change all my pictures to be big. Cause once you go big, there's no going back.
The glitter saved my gradient, it wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. My favourite flower is the one on my thumb, it's proportioned which is everything I could ever ask for ;)

Peach/Orange: Essie - Tart Deco
Light Pink: Per Una - Pink (no name)
The 2 bases before any nail art looked SO nice, it had happy vibes coming off and I would've been happy just wearing them by themselves. Tart Deco is also one of my favourite ever nail polishes, the colour is just the best. In 2 easy coats, short nails could easily get away with one. Even I could've got away with one if my coats were thicker. The Per Una polish didn't have a great formula (3 coats and still a little streaky) but it's my only light/middle pink and it's a nice colour. 
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Turquoise: The Face Shop - GR501
Green: Illamasqua - Nomad
On the blue flowers I dabbed some Barry M - Blue Moon, Models Own - Indian Ocean and OPI - Last Friday Night. For the turquoise flowers I added some Barry M - Aqua Glitter which aren't that prominent but are nice touches. Of course I did details with Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Middle Pink: Orly - Basket Case
Dark Pink: Per Una - Fuchsia (no name) and Color Club - Wing Fling
Glitter: OPI - I Lily Love You
I Lily Love You looks so great here, I used 2 coats over the gradient. It looks a bit thick and that wasn't helped with the subservient topcoat I used on top. 

In general I think it's pretty fun. I love me some flowers, these are the kind I draw all over the place. Summer is the best season colour-wise as I wear brights all year, during the summer it's the most accepted.

Hey thank you for reading, It feels good to be back with some freedom :P I hope you have a great weekend!!! :D

Monday 17 June 2013

Jellyfishes + Sweets

Oh hey you cool dude!!! Welcome back. Hopefully your Monday hasn't been too bad. Basically I am the Queen of procrastination, NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN :/ Levels of procrastination are high. The nail art today is rather random. I wanted glitter (standard), I was like "OMG (to be said as one word) GLITTER GIMME!!!". I based the nail art off the names and the general feel of the glitter polishes.

I really like it. When painting I was extremely sceptical, especially before I'd painted the faces. It was not looking so hot. But I don't give up and if it looks bad I learn. But I find it weirdly works together, the colours work and generally it's pretty cute. I like the jellyfishes best.

I'll start with the jellyfishes and the sweets.
The pink jellyfish was put into existence with the brush of Orly - Basket Case and a toothpick. Same goes for the orange/peach jellyfish which was Essie - Tart Deco.
The blue sweet was Essie - Bikini So Teeny outlined with Kiko - 265, with the same painting methods as the jellyfishes. The green sweets was Illamasqua - Nomad and OPI - Jade Is The New Black. The purple sweet was Barry M - Berry Ice Cream and OPI - Plum And Get It.
Details for the eyes and mouths were Lovely Me:Ex - Black and White (as always).

And a picture of the bases by themselves, which I have Gimme Glitter posts for both. Want more pictures with more polish accuracy? Click the names of the corresponding polish.
I used 3 coats of Nails Inc - Sweets Way. The silver glitter looks white which makes me love this polish even more. I also really like the contrast between the 2 polishes, just in general I love contrasting things.
And 2/3 coats of Orly - Go Deeper over 2 coats of Revlon - Dreamer. You can make Go Deeper opaque by itself, but I didn't want to. I have to say Go Deeper is the bomb (I know no one says "the bomb" anymore but I don't like conforming to the norms of society!!! ;)), I feel like having it on this time has made me see the light. It's awesome!! The depth is gorgeous, the colour of the base is so nice and the glitter peaking out is whoazas!! It's slightly more green-toned in real life but my Gimme Glitter post has better pictures :)

Thanks for reading!!! I hope you have a great day!! :D

Friday 14 June 2013

Fuchsia + Cobalt Tribal

Hello there you lovely people!! The long week is thankfully over, I was expecting this week to be much worse but it was surprisingly fun. Except today, today was kind of boring but hey you can't have it all ;) Title look familiar? What?? It doesn't?? Said no one ever. This design was very much inspired by Chalkboard Nails, she created this tribal and I was enamoured (I love that word) the moment I saw it on her Instagram (which I stalk like a baws). Seriously, I needed this on my nails the moment I saw it, the colour combination is just amazing. So yeah, I was there and it was happening. Picture spam (of my standard) coming up.

Lol at me trying to be Chalkboard Nails and failing :P
I just love it, the same way I LOVE Chalkboard Nails. Her nail art is SO GOOD, she's so funny and her photography = mind blown, it's so beautiful. I of course chose matte cause it's my preferred finish as matte is the way forward. But I have smooth pictures too.

My neutral base was Nails Inc - Porchester Square. I liked that I had appropriate substitutes for the colours Sarah used. Porchester Square is also my favourite neutral (not really saying much let's be honest), I had 2 rejected polishes for this polishes due to them being too sheer and I didn't want to completely copy. Also unlike everyone else I am not obsessed with My Vampire Is Buff.
For more variation I laterally inverted (ok maybe it's not lateral inversion but it sounds so much cooler) the thumb and ring finger.
My favourite nail is probably my ring finger, I really like the pink base for the tribal. Which was Barry M - Fuchsia which is continuing to grow on me. It's the same colour as my duvet (just so all you know this important piece of information)!!
And the cobalt is Nails Inc - Baker Street, that babe of a polish. It's just gorgeous.
All the polishes were super opaque (which is so handy), 2 coats for the base except I got away with 1 coat for my index finger (which you can't even see). You gals with short nails, 1 coaters all around.
Finally I used my black nail art pen Lovely Me:Ex - Black (when do I not use this pen?) for the details. I knew that my triangles wouldn't have to be perfect cause the pen would cover and fix it all up.

Smooth pictures coming up!! 

Another thing perfect about this design are the triangles. Triangles are the bayest!! When it comes to geometric, triangles are my favourite!!!
I wanted to smooth before mattifying, so I used my Color Club topcoat. Topcoat has always been a risky thing for me, normally I wait a day or two to prevent smudging. Only for the design to smudge anyway. But I waited max. an hour after finishing but that topcoat was so fantabluous there was no smudging and smooth as glass. Color Club topcoat = my favourite topcoat 5ever (oh yeah, 5ever, I went there).
Tiny problem is that since the coats are thick (required for smoothness and not messing up the design) it's easy for pooling in the cuticles, and due to the gel-like consistency sometimes it looks a tash weird, getting rid of it looks... weird (it's hard to explain) and it's quite difficult to remove from the cuticles. Solution = be careful unlike myself.
The problem is Color Club is not sold separately here, so I have to buy them in sets. Therefore to get more topcoat I have to buy many, many more Color Clubs in many, many more sets. What a shame ;)

Thanks to Sarah for her incredible design that I am absolutely loving. And thank YOU very much for reading!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! :D

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Pick N' Mix: Leopard Dice

Oh hey there you wonderful people!! Hope this week has been going well for you. The weather was absolutely gorgeous last week and BAM today it's taken a turn for the worst. Not like I'd really know since I spend all my time indoors, hmmm thinking about it that's not a good thing. Kids, make sure to spend time outdoors as well as indoors. Um anyway, I have some skittles. Not originally meant to be skittles but I go with the flow. I did some leopard print with the faces of a die (see I don't like that, die is grammatically correct but it sounds so severe).

A white base would've been best, but I'm being for seers my white nail polish is gloop city. It's bad, I'd rather not use it as it's such a monster. I find there's a point in a white polish's life where it will turn into a gloopy monster. Hopefully I'll be getting a new white polish soon, as in my opinion white is essential. But hey it's quite cool, I've had this idea brewing for a while. I wish I had a bit some order in my colours, like an ombre or something. But hey random will do. I think the concept was a somewhat good one.

Starting with the thumb, the purple is Barry M - Prickly Pear with Barry M - Fuchsia for the spots. Index = Base is Max Factor - Cool Jade, where the formula is fantastic. It takes 2 coats, but it's so lovely to apply and becomes opaque so easily. I think girls with shorter nails could definitely do 1 coat. The spots are Essie - Tart Deco.
The base for my middle finger is Illmasqua - Nomad with OPI - Charged Up Cherry for the spots.
Revlon - Blue Lagoon is the base for my ring finger with Barry M - Pink Foil (Xmas LE 2012 B) for spots.
Finally pinky is a base of Barry M - Berry Ice Cream with Essie - Bikini So Teeny for the single spot. Lovely Me:Ex - Black for the details.
I used my 2 favourite purples in this design, and they are completely different (the pictures also show they are completely different). People can say what they want and there is that great meme from Like A Candy Shop. But that's not even the case, THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. And I love them for different reasons, I'm trying to think of a great comparison to show that the mild differences make all the difference. But nothing's coming. I'll get back to you on that one :P

Hey thank you for reading and I really hope you have a great day!! :)

Sunday 9 June 2013

Oh d-d-d-dear! (Piglet Nails)

Oh hey there guys!!! I hope you're all feeling fine this Sunday evening. The oh dear is not to the Piglet design, but to my chemistry exam tomorrow. Piglet's phrase is perfect for my situation. Oh d-d-d-dear, chemistry is not my thang. Writing this post before some probable cramming. I decided to do some Piglet nails due to my most popular post (my Tigger nails) done around this time last year. I want to get round all the Winnie the Pooh characters, that being said I have done Winnie the Pooh too!! :)

Piglet's a wee cutie (personally I think this looks better in real life), I think Piglet was my favourite as a child, simply because he was pink. I was a pink gal then, still a pink gal now. I did the same kind of design as the last 2 times, I'm not sure how I came up with this the first time, as it seems to smart for me to have made up. But I'll take it!!

I started with a base of Lovely Me:Ex - White so the pink would show up. Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream is that light pink.
Then I got my toothpick and Orly - Basket Case to do the nose and ears. The same pinks are used for the bases of the other nails.
On my pinky I added some Barry M - Pink Iridescent cause I need glitter.
Lovely Me:Ex - Black was used for the black details, I originally added some white dots to the eyes but this time it didn't work so I went back over with the black. I freehanded the stripes which I was VERY vary about, to the extent where I almost didn't do this design. But at this point it was too late to back out. But I'm really pleased with how they turned out. They aren't perfectly straight, but they're more than good enough for me!!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading it and have a great day!!! :)

Thursday 6 June 2013

My Top 10 Favourite Nail Art Of This Blogging Year :D

Hello there you fantastic, extraordinary, amazing people!!!

Happy blogaversary to me, happy blogaversary to me, happy blogaversary to me, happy blogaversary to ME!! If you couldn't tell, today is my blogaversary. Frankly I find this crazy, it's been a year since I started this blog (also coincidentally my 222nd post). I really didn't know if I'd continue after a month since the internet in general confuses me, but I persisted to find my love of blogging. I'm also proud of my update schedule, I don't post everyday but I personally think I maintain a high amount of posts each month (well not currently due to exams).
This is my little haven where I can write any and everything about nail polish/nail art. It's perfect. In real life, if I was crazy obsessed nail polish girl. 1. Everyone would be creeped out and confused (I know a lot about nail polish) 2. No one would care, which makes me sad :( (not really haha). But here I can go as crazy as I want, mention every little detail and I'm not judged and (maybe) people find it interesting :) Which is the bomb (in a good way).
I may not have the most followers in the world (and that could definitely change in the future, imma still growing and finding ways to grow :)) but anyone who has followed, commented, played ANY part in Plumeria19 has meant SO MUCH to me. The comments I receive are the best things ever, they really make my day and more, e.g. today wasn't my greatest day, it's like these 2 guys were doing everything to try and ruin my day. But I remember my blogaversary and all you lovely people and I completely forget about all that. I am truly thankful for it all. And I promise every time someone follows this blog I do a raving happy dance (rave arms and everything). Every time. I really love the nail blogging community. Come on lovely people who only talk about nail polish/nail art, who can't love that? :)

Look at my first collage, isn't it spiffy? ;)
This time last year I started the 31 day challenge, but unfortunately things are too insane for me to do that right now but instead, in celebration I've decided to compile my favourite nail art of this year (also because I love lists). I know people normally do this at the end of the year, but I wanted to include a year's worth of designs. This blog is primarily freehand nail art, so duh I'll be showcasing my favourite nail art!! :D

10. Pastel Gradient Leopard Print. Because I couldn't not have leopard print in here. I did a legit gradient too (rare occasion), and combined makes number 10.

9. Geometric meets floral. I entered this into a contest (and lost, which I didn't really mind :)), and I found my love of geometric. Combine that with all the colours, it's a wonderful thing.

8. Rainbow Geometric Cupcake. This design basically combines all of my favourite nail art things, food, my favourite colour combination, an awesome glitter and triangles. 'Nuff said really.

7. Tigger. My 2nd ever blog post (so the photography is not so hot) and also my most popular post. The little Tigger is pretty adorable and my mum even approved of it (which is extremely rare).

6. Pop Art Cupid's Arrow. Within the post I explained I was extremely inspired by Professionaldq (who's pop art design I fell in love with), after using her tutorial I did the design again and changed it up, added the heart about to be shot by the arrows (but not that graphic). But this is how I realised I adore pop art (the uniform dots and how in your face it is), so props to her :)

5. Delicate Flowers + Gradient. My best floral nail art to date (in my opinion), the delicacy and the bombin' gradient. Finally my love of flowers being shown through nail art.

4. Ice Cream. I LOVE the colours used. I LOVE ice cream. I LOVE food nail art. I LOVE geometric. So I LOVE this design.

3. Rilakkuma. I didn't know the greatness of this bear. He's too adorable, and having him on my nails was so fun.

2. Paddington Bear. Oh hello another bear, coincidentally I use Baker Street as an accent in my top 2. Paddington Bear is number 2 because I am so happy with how I executed him. Having him as an accent was more than enough as I felt I was precise with his features.

1. Mario!! And here we are, number 1. My main man Mario who can make a mani (unintentional alliteration, love it). I am a massive Nintendo geek and this made me unbelievably cheerful having him on my nails. It's Mario (whom I think I painted well), Mario is awesome (I really have to get round to doing all the other characters).

So that's my favourite nail art of this year, I hope you enjoyed this post as I sure enjoyed writing it. Hopefully this next year will be filled with lots more nail art, new features and general improvement in everything. Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for reading this post or any post on Plumeria19 over the past year. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D Have a brilliant day!!!

Monday 3 June 2013

Whimsical Summer Scene (Flowers and Birds)

Oh hey there you wonderful person!! Hope this Monday has treated you well :) I've been meaning to get this post up earlier, but revision and the piano have been getting in the way. Speaking of the piano, I have been rocking the "shorties" as of late, and it's not because I want to (I love my long nails) but because I have to sacrifice my nails to the piano (as I have a piano exam), not literally, it's not like my piano eats my nails or anything :P Today I have some fun floral nails, I was inspired by this picture of cute flowers and birds. It really is a fun picture.

Oh man, the little birds are my favourite, they're so cute!! The little dots also add a lot too. This design was really enjoyable to paint as I started with the outline and it was kind of like colouring in a picture. What can I say I'm a child at heart (probably also literally)!

I started the outline in Lovely Me:Ex - Black (surprise surprise), my base was The Face Shop - GR501 and coloured in!!
Pink: Barry M - Fuchsia
Blue: Color Club - Sky High
Purple: OPI - Plum And Get It
Peach: w7 - Linen
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
I did the dots with a bobby pin, and I freehanded everything else (freehanding's literally all I can do). I finished with the Color Club topcoat to smooth everything out.

This design really is my depiction of fun (which I am all about), oo I really like the speckles on the birds too. I can imagine frolicking around fields of flowers with birds twittering around me... Kind of. I should have a nice post up on Thursday after some exams, should be good. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have an absolutely fantanbulous day!!! :)