Monday 5 September 2016

Blue Distressed Grid Nails

Hi there everyone, if anyone is still here cause I know I've been away for quite a while. Can't say I'll be back much either though. To explain my absence basically I just stopped doing nail art cause I got super into knitting. They don't contradict each other so to speak, like I can have nice nails and knit but I've just kind of invested all my time into knitting (and been loving it). I still like nail art but I've moved on, you know the natural progression from nail art to knitting hahaha.
It's bad that I didn't say I moved away from the blog because of A levels haha. But yeah I got my results and I did pretty well, 3 A's and I've got into uni so this is why I think I will be retiring this blog. I do have one more nail art look before I go but I think it's time to say goodbye. I've had such a good time writing this blog, the point was always to document the creativity cause I've always loved art and while I've felt behind so frequently on this blog it's always been a good time. And while it's been small the feedback I received from anybody always made my day and I've met such lovely people in the nail community so thank you for even reading a few words or taking some time to look at my nail art.
I don't think I'll start a knitting blog, I think I've had my share of blogging but I might start an instagram cause I love pretty things really. I might put up the odd bit of nail art there. I've knitted like a maniac since Christmas and I moved away from the blog, I have a real affinity for hats, I love knitting hats, I don't even know why cause I look terrible in hats but that's where I'm at now. Anyway after that huge explanation I'll get into the nail art, which I obviously did a while ago. I have been doing nail art but it's mostly geometric and I haven't been bothering to photograph (and my cuticles have been a mess haha).

It's been so long since I've done this, I can't remember how to do this anymore. I saw this on someone's instagram but honestly I cannot remember. But they did it in warm colours. I think it's pretty rad, love a bit of distressed and geometric is always so clean. The glitter makes it more clean too.

Trying to keep the same format as before, even though it's not gonna be for long. You know the distressed nails procedure, wipe most the polish of the brush and swipe. Got my toothpick and drew the grid on top.

This is hilarious cause I cannot remember at all what was used so I'm gonna guess.
Blues and purples: Barry M - Sugar Apple, Rimmel - Disco Ball, M&S - Light Mix, OPI - Plum & Get It and I don't think I can guess anymore haha
Black: Rimmel - Black Pearl

I hope you've all been doing well these few months and you've been keeping well, I hope you guys have a great day and until my next and last post!! :')