Monday 31 March 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Butterfly Nails

Hello there guys!! Happy almost April oh my goodness that is terrifying how did this happen?? I have some scary exams coming up but keeping a cool head and working hard is key. Now I just have to work hard... Haha well anyway I was looking up some pictures on Google and I came across this Lilly Pulitzer Butterfly design and I loved it, also I just happened to have a blue base so this had to be done.

Ok I LOVE this design!! All the colour and the blue (which looks spectacular with topcoat, that blue shimmer is just wow). Butterflies are cute, and I like that I went away from the wings (though I do really like those designs). I just think this is pretty and I like pretty things :) But yeah I think the wings of these butterflies are really sweet, and I didn't know what I was doing!! :P I definitely want to do more Lilly Pulitzer designs, they are so quirky and colourful so I love them!!

I started with a white base for the butterflies trying to make the wings different for each butterfly. Then I tried to put specific colours to each section but alas it looked weird with a white outline. Of course this called for me to add a black outline. It looked better but still weird. But the little white spots on the wings really saved it, they kind of combined the existing colours and in my humble opinion I think it looks awesome. I did have to do looks of little fixes of the wings and the body, but once fixed I loved it.

Blue base: Essie - Lots of Lux
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White (as base) and Barry M - Matt White (for spots)
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Red: Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff
Sparkly Red: OPI - Jinx
Yellow: Ciate - Loop The Loop
Green: Max Factor - Cool Jade
Dark Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
Blue: Nails Inc - Baker Street
Pink: Barry M - Fuchsia

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)

Friday 28 March 2014

Blue Nails: Essie - Lots of Lux

Hey there guys!! Happy Friday!! You know I love blue polish. I really thought I could say no to this, but haha as my life goes I failed and I bought it. The hint of purple in the light made me unable to say no. But yeah no regrets this polish is so stunning.

Now I've always loved textures but this one is special. Lots of Lux is a sparkly blue texture with gold, green, purple, hint of red and blue shimmer. The shimmer is incredible but unfortunately not as prominent as I'd like it. I'd also like if the polish was less dull and more bright. But you can't have everything and this is already mad pretty so I really can't ask for much more. And this is even more amazing with topcoat, I have the polish with topcoat with nail art which I'll show soon. The blue shimmer just pops and the blue is a lil darker (yet brighter) and looks incredible.

Lots of Lux came from last year's Winter Holiday collection, um Encrusted Treasures. I didn't like the name of the collection, and most of the polishes in that collection were misses for me. Especially the gross black texture, that's not how you do a textured polish. But really those polishes weren't so nice. This was a winner though, at least the collection had a redeeming factor. 

I used 2 coats, but legit 1 thick coat and you would've been sorted. This polish is so opaque!! I just wanted more sparkles and my coats weren't particularly thick. The Essie brush was also so perfect for my nails, I agree with this. But really, perfect formula here. There was also no staining issues. The below picture is probably the best depiction of how great this polish is and even then it's not getting it all. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Cool-toned Sliding Geometric Nails

Hey there my favourite chums, my title makes this design seem fancier than it really is but that doesn't mean I like it any less. I actually really like it, though I do like most geometric designs. I saw a geometric pattern, thought it was sweet and used for inspiration for my nails.

Yeah I think geometric designs are awesome, and I like the diamonds in this one, how the shapes kind of "slide" together. And letting the glitter base shine through was something else I liked. The jagged edges are pretty beast too, I like some rough edges. Of course I like all the colours too, ok pink isn't cool-toned but this shizz is pretty cool in general.

I can't get away from that black outline, but I like black outlines so expect more of them. I drew the outline then filled in the shapes with various polishes with toothpicks.

Base: Essie - Lilacism and Nails Inc - Westminister Bridge Road
Blue: H&M - Blue My Mind
Rose Pink: OPI - Japanese Rose Garden
Teal: Barry M - Guava
Mint Green: China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint
Jade Green: Max Factor - Cool Jade
Bright Green: Barry M - Greenberry
Cherry Pink: OPI - Charged Up Cherry
Cornflower Blue: Essie - Bikini So Teeny
Light Purple: Barry M - Berry Ice Cream
Purple: Illamasqua - Jo'Mina
Hot Pink: No. 7 - Me! Me! Me!
Dark Purple: OPI - Plum & Get It
Sparkly Blue: Essie - Lots Of Lux
Dark Pink: Barry M - Fuchsia
Light Blue: The Face Shop - BL601
I like using all the colours. Quite clearly.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Gimme Glitter: Nails Inc - Regents Park

Hi there guys!! I hope you're having a nice day, I'm kind of excited about this post cause not only is it a Gimme Glitter but also because this polish is FREAKIN' AWESOME. This is another polish from the Nails Inc Best Dressed Nails set (and by the way I loved the box they came in, it was black sparkly glitter and it's so pretty) and this is one of ones that swayed me to get this and I wasn't even sure about it, I saw "Sprinkles" and needed it. I was ready to give it away, now there's NO WAY that I will.

THIS IS THE EDGIEST POLISH I HAVE EVER SEEN AND I LOVE EDGINESS AND THIS IS INCREDIBLE AND I LOVE IT. No lies. The moment I put this on I knew this was going to be something special, and it's too special. Again the edginess, it's wonderful.
Regents Parks is a red (jelly?) base with small and medium hex black, red and silver glitter. It's a beautiful thing. The black and red is the epitome of edge, and you know I love it. A red polish, who knew I could be so in love with one?

Yeah the sprinkles thing on the label got my attention and that was a great thing cause I love this polish. Cause I loved Sweets Way too, though it is rather different than Regents Park, it has no medium hexes. Either way I don't mind I love polishes with the little glitter, like the w7 ones too. But Regents Park? Why no sweets related name? This is the Sprinkles collection right?

Sorry about the dry cuticles :(
On my thumb I used 3 coats of Regents Park by itself, so it can definitely be used by itself, but for my other nails I used 2 coats on top on Essie E-Nuff Is E-Nuff. I prefer it layered cause I save polish, the red is just stronger and it's more opaque. The glitter did need a little provoking, but only a little, otherwise the distribution was very even and great. It's a glitter so removal isn't the easiest but it could be worse honestly.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!!! :)

Saturday 22 March 2014

Gimme Glitter: Nails Inc - Westminster Bridge Road

Hello there guys!! I've been doing a lot of Gimme Glitter posts, but really I'm just happy that I have a lot of glitter to write about. Yes I went shopping and TK Maxx is my love. There was a Nails Inc set (the Best Dressed Nails set) and this was part of it. This polish wasn't the reason I needed the set (I'll talk about those glitters in another post ;)), but I do like it.

Westminster Bridge Road is a purple and holographic glitter topper, with small and medium holographic glitter, and small and even smaller purple glitter. The purple is much more purple in really life than in my pictures, and the "blue" glitter in my pictures are actually pieces of holographic glitter. I love holographic glitter and it was beautiful in this polish. Actually the combo of purple and holographic was unexpectedly nice. This is a pretty polish, hopefully no one can deny that.

This picture is probably the most colour accurate of this polish
This is part of the Nails Inc Galaxy set (collection?) that I surprisingly know very little about. I'm gonna go look up swatches. Ok I've looked them up and they're pretty cool, I always love glitter, no matter what it is, so it's a pretty sweet collection but I won't be busting a gut trying to get them (Ok busting a gut is a strange phrase). They don't make me insane (like another polish I bought when I was out on the town).

This was me trying to show the holographic-ness
I used 2 coats over Essie Lilacism and there was a lot of glitter in each coat. It spread well too, I always like when glitter decides to be that way. The bottle was a mini, but I felt the brush was fine. Don't expect this to be easy to come off, cause it's not, it's really difficult, get your tin foil ready.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)

Thursday 20 March 2014

Purple Nails: Essie - Lilacism

Hello guys, I got this polish around when my blog started and I've finally got round to giving it a swatch post. I've used it loads but now we be focusing on it. It's a good polish and helped me on my way to loving purple.

Lilacism is your more blue-toned pale purple (ignore the slight pink tone in my pictures). Doesn't suit me but I've never cared about things like that. It's a nice one, my least favourite pale purple but that's only because my other pale purples are boss.

I got this when Essie first came out in Boots and I was so excited, like really excited. I went mental with my non judgemental friend whom I'm glad didn't judge cause haha I go crazy around nail polish. It came out with the Art of Spring collection in Spring 2010 with Tart Deco (excuse my swatch, it's not one of my best), one of my favourite polishes!!!

2 easy peasy coats, no issues whatsoever. There might be mild bubbles in my pictures but it's my fault. The coats could've been slightly too thick. I think Essie formula is generally brilliant. I love the Essie brushes, they fit my nails great. Essie is definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands (I like it better than OPI, and I love OPI :O).

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Pick 'N' Mix: Going mawd on the town

Hey there guys. This post is going to be a lil' different. Yes I still have skittles as the title suggests but "going mawd" on the town happened. And ok for the first time ever I went to town with no nail polish on (I was really busy), so I was able to use the testers. So I tried various polishes, so some of the polishes shown here are not owned by me (though I kind of wish they were, I didn't end up buying all them). So this post might be a bit less detailed, and a little more fun. I did go a bit "mawd" (<-- this is strange slang I use for bant, tis weird I know).

I looooovvvvvvvve this selection of nail polish, and while some didn't go home with me. Others did, yeah budday. I'll highlight the ones I own, expect posts about them.
I'm in love with the combo on my thumb, Topshop - Pipe Dream with Claire's - Fluffy. Pipe Dream is a seafoam blue/green with a golden flake kind of shimmer with iridescent glitter and it's gorgeous. Topshop has done a bunch of polishes with the golden flake shimmer and iridescent glitter in different colours and I'm very tempted. I have a beautiful white glitter nail polish, I LOVE white glitter, definitely one of my favourites and Claire's have upped their game like nobody's business and I'm so impressed. Bad for me though cause I need all their polishes. The moment I saw the white glitter online I knew I was done. I <3 the big hexes. It was perfect as well because I only got to do 2 coats of Pipe Dream and it was NOT enough, but Fluffy masked the lack of coats. 3 coats probably would've been enough, it built well.

On my index I have Topshop - Carnival. A really pretty light orange. 2 coats.
On my middle fingernail there's Topshop - Wide Awake. Another pretty light orange but with peachy tones and I loved it. I'm looking for a Chanel June/China Glaze/Sun Of A Peach kind of colour (the Chanel is NEVER happening) or some kind of dupe. I haven't found it yet. Wide Awake was 1 coat!! The formula was brill. And it goes without saying but Topshop makes some good polish. I need more Topshop polish in my life.
Haha bonus story!! When using the Topshop polish there's no tables so I crouched on the floor and used a bin as a table while people looked at me haha. How else was I going to do 2 coats? :P I really have no shame.

On my ring there's Essie - Lots Of Lux. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY!! I told myself I didn't need it, but when I saw it in real life I couldn't say no. From first polish it was love. The multicoloured shimmer (which I definitely will be going in depth in) was so mesmerising. And 1 coat. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT ONE COAT o.O
And finally on my pinky I have H&M - Blue My Mind. My friends went to H&M and obviously you can't leave me with nail polish for too long and it was in the sale section so it was £1. No mistakes could be made for a colour like that. It's a light cobalt blue and I love it. It was 2 slightly runny coats.

Well I ramble, but I hope you liked the lil' stories, if you didn't read them, you should!! Find out about my lack of shame, really there's no shame for me. Haha thank you for "reading" and I hope you have a nice day!!! :)

Monday 17 March 2014

Gimme Glitter: OPI -

Hi there guys!! YUS!! We have another Gimme Glitter post, I LOVE THESE!! :D This is a v special glitter as my bezzie gave it to me as part of the best present ever cause she knows me too well and she's the best. This was my favourite out of the 3 polishes she gave me, it's so pretty!! I've actually swatched all the polishes she gave me, well she gave me the other version of OPI Minnie Style (without the squares) but I've fished so much white glitter out of my current bottle that the new bottle is a welcome addition (as is any pretty polish). Ok ramble. Unfortunately I have not done my best swatch but here's a post to show the true beauty of this polish (and there's penguins involved). And Happy St. Patrick's Day guys, I have no nail art for it, maybe one year I actually will :P

Finish: Matte
See I loved the gradient in the penguin post so much that I thought I'd do it again but with darker polishes. WRONG MOVE. The purple hex glitter totally blends and the purple glitter is my fav!! It's so beautiful!! We learn from such things though. There's also a mix of matte and shiny pictures in this post.
Ok is a beautiful glitter topper with pink, aqua and purple hex glitter with small purple glitter. Tis beautiful and the mix is great. Good job OPI. I guess polka is for polka dots, that makes sense, I only realised that just there.

Finish: Shiny (soz for the red pic)
This came out in last year's Euro Centrale Spring collection from OPI. I thought that collection was fab. From stalking The Polishaholic's swatches I realised that her bottle of has small pink glitter as well as purple. OPI's polishes not having continuity? No way. But I loved You're Such A Budapest and My Paprika's Hotter Than Yours too. was probably my favourite from the collection, I love glitter, have I not made that clear enough? :P

Finish: Matte
The formula of course was great, I used 2 coats that glided and spread perfectly. Or as close to perfection as you can get. Good amount of glitter for every coat. OPI formulas are generally very good. I put over a gradient of Essie Bikini So Teeny, Illamasqua Jo'Mina and Orly Basket Case.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

Saturday 15 March 2014

Eggs + Bacon Nail Art

Hello there my favourite folks, you get some nail art from me today. I had this on my to do list for so long and in general I should be doing more food nail art. After all it is my favourite. Regular food nail art should come back, it's the bayest. And this egg and bacon design is pretty funky, me gusta mucho. My spanish is bad, putting it out there. I try.

We got some eggs and we got some bacon. Eggs are some of my favourite food, I've loved them since I was young. And I think ma food here is pretty cute. Bacon is always great too, who doesn't like bacon (not counting vegetarians)? I didn't know what my base should be but the distressed background was nice. You know even know how the glitter tied the whole look together, it just tidied everything up. This is why I love glitter (well one reason). I just like how generally fun this look is.

After the fun little colourful distressed background I got my white pen and drew the outlines to the food. I filled the colours in with toothpicks and brushes and that. I dabbed the glitter on at the end, like I'm not kidding the glitter really made this design like you wouldn't even know. The matteness was also really good for this design.

Base: Ciate - Loop The Loop
Colourful distressed colours: Essie - Fear Or Desire, Chilli Pepper - Orange (no name), The Face Shop - PK105, Body Collection - Pink Orange (no name) and OPI - Charged Up Cherry
Glitter: OPI - Minnie Style
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White and Barry M - Matt White
Yellow: Rimmel - Sunshine
Peach: w7 - Sheer Peach
Dark Pink: Per Una - Fuchsia (no name)
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)

Thursday 13 March 2014

Black Nails: M&S - Petrol

Hello there!! This is the M&S polish that seriously blew my mind. Forget the fact they do nail polish at all, but a texture?? I was done. And it's mad gorgeous in the bottle, once I tried it on my nails oh my this is a beautiful polish, I was exciting to get a proper swatch of this. And I don't do black nails!!

Black texture with a very prominent (way more prominent than in the pictures) green shimmer THAT CHANGES TO PURPLE IN CERTAIN LIGHTING!! It was beautiful when the shimmer turned to purple and sometimes there was some green and some purple and blue perhaps even kind of yellow-ish and that was mind-blowing. Though sometimes when the polish was just black (the green was always there though) it was a bit average but in general, we have a mad pretty polish here.

Getting my way through swatching the Marks and Spencers's polishes, I probably won't swatch them all cause they aren't all my colours (e.g. brown) but I think I've done most of the ones I like. It's textured, I can't. I <3 textured polishes!!

I used 2 coats but I really should've used 3, even in pictures you can see that the polish isn't completely covering my nails. But it builds well and it easy to apply. The brush in general is pretty small though so many dips required (that sounds weird)?

Bonus topcoat pic!! This is how I mostly wore this, it darkens the black and makes the shimmer even more prominent (can't say no to that). I used 2 really thick coats of topcoat (Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed, it's not bad, no Color Club 3 in 1) and yet you could still feel and see the texture. I wasn't going to use more topcoat, so clearly this polish is a VERY textured one.

Haha thank you for reading this long post and I hope you have a great day!! :) 

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Gimme Glitter: Barry M - Ruby

Hello there guys!! Little Gimme Glitter post today, I love these. Glitter is da best. I got this polish last summer and here is the Gimme Glitter post for that. I guess I never got round to swatching it by itself. Until now!!

I don't know why I decided to swatch it over orange (for pink glitter, I like putting it over purple), but I like it, it has a Halloween vibe and it's pretty fun. Ruby consists of pink hex glitter, small black hex glitter and small black micro bar glitter. Yeah that's not a bad description. I really like this glitter, it can potentially be very edgy and you know I love a bit of edginess.

 I remember when this lil' collection of glitter came out. Crazily enough I think this is the only one I got from that collection. Oh, tell a lie I have Amethyst as well, but I didn't buy that one and there were 6 in that collection. If that isn't self-control I don't know what is :P

Ruby is very glitter packed, there's a bit of moving around required to get a good spread of glitter, but there was definitely a lot of glitter there. I used 2 coats for what I felt was enough glitter, and that's a lot of glitter. I put this over Bourjois Tangerine Fatal (which I totally have been neglecting).

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

Saturday 8 March 2014

Blue Nails: Rimmel - Azure

Hi there guys!! Happy weekend, after this post I get to go shopping woohoo!! But then I have a crap ton of tests, assessments and homeworks to do over the next week :/ But still shopping I'm mad excited. I'm still swatching stuff from my birthday, this was from my lovely friend who actually gave a brill selection so many thanks to her. I did this swatch a while ago, so I'm really hoping I can remember everything about it.

I love a good blue polish and this one is very nice. If a blue could be jewel toned Azure is what it would look like. It's a very nice shade of glowy medium(?) blue, sorry for no specific colour stated. I don't know what shade of blue I should say. There's also a hint of purple duochrome which isn't completely hidden. It's why I think this polish is very similar to Color Club Sky High (but sorry Azure, Sky High is more beautiful, come on it's a glass fleck). It's slightly more frosty in real life, the brushstrokes were more prominent but it's not polish breaking.

Yes so I'm a Rimmel convert, I hope to go out and get some more cause their formulas are good and I think the colours are even better with a good price. A girl can't ask for much more ;)

I used 2 coats which were naturally quite thick. It was easy to apply too. I thought it dried fast but then I accidentally touched my nail after quite a while and dent was apparent. So I don't know, there was some bubbling on my ring fingernail but again that could've been my fault for too thick coats but otherwise good formula.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

Thursday 6 March 2014

Red + Yellow Circle Flowers + Teal Sparkly Base

Hi there guys. I think the title sums up this design pretty well. I saw this design on a purse in TK Maxx. I should've taken a picture but I didn't want to look like a weirdo, it was a really nice purse. Reminds me that I really want to go to TK Maxx. And just shopping in general. Yeah. I just want to say that this manicure looked WAY better in real life, and it looked mad elegant from a distance, I loved having this on.

Does what it says on the tin. Red and yellow flowers on a teal base. Doesn't look teal in pictures, my camera doesn't like teal. Putting it out there the combination of Barry M Guava and OPI Get Your Number is mad gorgeous. Really. I mean it. Get Your Number made the polish more blue but still it was teal, camera was disagreeing though. But those flowers were simple and fun, looked better in real life, but red and yellow is a nice combo.

As usual I had a white base, then I painted the colours on with the brushes and some toothpicks. The pale yellow took a couple of coats and quite clearly I'm addicted to black outlines.

Base: Barry M - Guava and OPI - Get Your Number
Pale Yellow: Ciate - Loop The Loop
Red: Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff
Mustard Yellow: Topshop - Naked
Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :D

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Gimme Glitter: w7 - Salt n Pepper

Hello there fine folks!! This is the final Poundworld polish I got, and I do like to save the best to last. I love this one, but this whole time I keep thinking it's "Cookies n Cream", totally acceptable right? Salt n Pepper should be a small black and white glitter topper but whatevs I roll with the punches. And finally I tell this "story" I've been keeping to myself, if anything is taken away from the "story", it should be that I saved cash, cause I did.

Salt n Pepper is a white base with tons of small black glitter. I've said this before many times but I LOVE polishes like this!! I could do with every variation of glitter and base with this polish, yes all of them. All of the polishes like this!! I don't know this polish is just so cute, the combination is just perfect, you can't go wrong with black and white.

Ok so we were before Christmas shopping (yeah I got these a while ago and I'm only posting it now, lol at my lateness) and we hopped on over to Poundworld cause my friend wanted to go. I wasn't very keen cause I always had high expectations for the Pound shops and I never got anything good.
But I saw a bargain bin kind of thing (it was more a bargain tub), stuffed to the brim with random makeup and nail polish. And this was a small tub, you really only had access to the stuff at the top of the tub cause it's not a well-designed tub. But I saw this polish, and I manoeuvred my hand around the tub (taking some stuff out) and grabbed this.
But then I saw Mosaic and Lava Flow and then I got my friends and forced them to hold the contents of the tub (it wasn't a small tub), and I literally took everything out and got them to hold it (I was holding stuff too) or put them in random shelves until I got the polishes.
We did put everything back into the tub, and I expected to pay £3 for the polishes, a brilliant deal in itself but because I got them from the bargain tub I got them all for half price, so £1.50. I was well pleased. What a gal does for cheap (and good) polish.
w7 is a really good and cheap brand in general, but 15ml of good polish, can't argue with that. Oh man I am so dramatic, but it was fun.

The base is really opaque, 2 coats is definitely all that's required. I did 3 for the odd not as covered part, but on the whole it wasn't needed. Each coat was packed with glitter and it went on great, all of these polishes are just wonderful.

Thank you very much for reading my ramblings about random things and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

Sunday 2 March 2014

Ultimate Cute Food Nail Art

Hi there guys!! New month, more hecticness for me. There'll be less posts probably but we'll see what happens. I'm still mad behind and I haven't been up to date since December, but at least I've got things to post. Like this here design I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE it. Finally I've made my way back to the cute food (i.e. my favourite kind of nail art ever) and this might be my favourite. Ever. Like seriously cute food will never get old for me.

I saw this picture in Google images and I did my version and thought I'd go all crazy with the shiny parts. But I didn't but complexity is not for me. Goodness I just love this, it's so freakin' cute!! And the foods are so sweet and yeah I just love it. I feel like it's also quirky which is v me. I used glitter as the sprinkles and I can always handle that.
I have a star biscuit (the rainbow frosting anyone? ;)), a caramel covered banana, a chocolate and strawberry covered ice cream, a cupcake and an iced strawberry. I can't deal with all the food. Just putting it out there that I LOVE food. A LOT. No jokes.

I laid down a white base, and filled in the colour accordingly with ma toothpicks. Black outlining last as well as the faces. Took a while but wasn't too hard and I loved it, so time was worth it. I dabbed on glitter too, that was fun I love glitter. I love a lot of things.

Base: w7 - Salt n Pepper
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
White: Barry M - Matt White and Lovely Me:Ex - White
Rainbow glitter in white base: The Face Shop - Vanilla Sugar Yogurt
Peach: M&S - Sun Glow
Pink: Barry M - Dragon Fruit
Yellow: Rimmel - Sunshine
Brown: Nails Inc - Porchester Square covered by M&S - Sun Glow
Pale Yellow: Ciate - Loop The Loop
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
Matte Glitter: The Face Shop - CMX321
Dark Brown: w7 - Brownie
Multi-coloured sprinkle glitter: Barry M - Amethyst (this polish needs more love)
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Pale Blue: The Face Shop - BL601
Green: Illamasqua - Nomad

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)