Friday 31 August 2012

Back to school nails

It's that time of year again -_- Back to school, I was basically trying not to think about it, even thinking of not doing these nails but I thought I might as well. I thought about doing back to school skittles but once I got an idea in my head I knew I had struck gold (more like bronze. Or some other precious substance).

I got the idea of a pencil and notebook paper and I was set. I love that pencil, it's so simple. There's a little bookworm in the apple, I would've liked him to be a bit cuter but after a couple of attempts I gave up. I first used tape for the straight lines as I don't have a striper. But I realised that all the taping effort wasn't really worth it so I went to freehand stripes, and they turned out better than expected.
White: Models Own - Snow White
Yellow: Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream
Mustard Yellow: Topshop - Naked
Pink: Per Una - Pink (no name)
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
Blue: Revlon - Dreamer
Green: Rimmel - Misty Jade
Light Green: China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint
Brown: w7 - Brownie
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Peach: w7 - Linen
Despite my doubt about this mani, I really like it, and it's super cute. Made me feel happier looking at it in school :)

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Geek Nail Challenge: Animal Crossing

It's the final week of the challenge :( Ultimate geek. I don't think I'm an "Ultimate geek" in any aspects. But I did nail art inspired by the game that got me into Nintendo, something that I'm a pretty big geek about.

As suspected by the title, that game was Animal Crossing: Wild World. I had played some Nintendo games before that, but I wasn't really exposed to gaming and I knew nothing about different platforms or anything. I was maybe around 8 when I played Animal Crossing. That game... Who knew mundane tasks could be so fun? That game can absorb your life if you let it. Yes it's that addictive.

I could not get this to photograph properly, my natural lighting place couldn't be used today cause it got dark SO early (mild exaggeration)!!! My camera wouldn't focus, lighting problems and all that business.

I painted a few characters from the Animal Crossing series, I chose random characters as I don't really have favourite characters from Animal Crossing. I probably painted them too small and it would've been easier if I painted them bigger (but I never make things easy for myself -_-). But they're cuter when they're smaller ^_^ On my thumb is the generic girl character (can also have brown hair etc. depending on how you answer the questions at the beginning), then from left to right it's Sable, Tom Nook, KK Slider and Brewster.

My detailed orientated self is obviously not completely pleased with the neatness, but it's still cute (it looks better in real life though, I promise). I really like Sable's pink freckles :3
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Light pink: Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream
Pink: Per Una - Pink (no name)
Peach: w7 - Linen
Red: Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff
Pale yellow: w7 - Sheer Lemon
Yellow: Rimmel - Sunshine
Light brown: Paris Collection - Cocoa Drop
Brown: Paris Collection - Mauve Melody
Dark brown: w7 - Brownie
Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
White: Models Own - Snow White
(It's probably sad that I really like listing the polishes I used :/)
Took me a long time, but I am happy with the outcome. It was also refreshing working with a white nail polish that wasn't gloop city.

I've had so much fun with this challenge, and check out everyone else doing the challenge :D

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Pink Water Marble

I had to try water marbling again whilst some of my nail polishes are still new. The problem was that I was rushed when water marbling cause I had to go out and I had already began taping up my fingers, so SPEED WATER MARBLING. Therefore making a person more careless and if I messed up a design I'd be dunking my finger in anyway. I started with 2 coats of Models Own - Snow White (best name ever for a white nail polish) and a really cute cup with unicorns and castles on it.

My right hand turned out better than obviously (my right hand always turns out better :/) but I still think it's a fair attempt.
Pale pink: The Face Shop - PK105
Rosy pink: Essie - Your Hut Or Mine?
Hot pink: OPI - Charged Up Cherry
My water was almost room temperature (on the cold side) so the colours were spreading. Helpful that the first drop sank to the bottom, but that was because I dropped it in from too high.

I just couldn't draw my designs, when I drew something it would just break apart. Like my middle finger, what was that? Even though my ring finger had a seriously weird design on it, I think it's really cool. The Face Shop pink is my lot darker but I like the colour that came out. And Charged Up Cherry looked darker on my left hand.

Since taping was rushed I didn't do a very good job, covering over my nail. This applies more to my right hand though.

I realised the problem with my left hand was The Face Shop - PK105, it was just not the right texture. But I had OPI - Japanese Rose Garden on standby. That polish was seriously made for water-marbling and Charged Up Cherry too. The Essie one was good too. It has also once again rekindled my love for Charged Up Cherry.

Even though blue is my favourite colour, nail polish or otherwise. It's pink nail polish that sucks me in, if there's a stand I'll automatically be drawn to the pink nail polish. Maybe it's from childhood, loving pink. In my collection I have the most pink nail polish, some very similar to others. I have to stop buying pink nail polish.

The right was more successful simply because of better spreading, I did 2 nails in one go cause I was rushed, not that difficult. Made me realise that water marbling does waste a lot of polish.

My thumb's worth showing, my other thumb is not, there was a hole and I tried to patch it up but I failed.

With my right hand I taped up so badly that so much white was showing and I had to patch up a lot, some better patched up than others. Some you can't tell, and some you really can.

I didn't really have nightmare experiences that some people do, but I didn't have a perfect experience either. My 2nd attempt turned out much better than the first. I read some people saying that the time and effort for water marbling isn't worth the outcome, and some people thinking it's cool. I'm kind of on the fence about this one, I'm not sure. Maybe when I can't think of what to do with my nails, I'll water marble, but I definitely prefer simple painting and nail art.

Oh gosh, I ramble -_-

Sunday 26 August 2012

Geek Nail Challenge: Bomberman

Hi everyone, decided to add an extra manicure for this week's theme. Now slightly regretting that decision because of the outcome of the manicure. I decided to do Bomberman because I recently found a Bomberman t-shirt hiding in my old wardrobe, ok that t-shirt is awesome and I think it's great. When I found it I chopped off the collar and put it in the wash (it was pretty dusty). I can now confidently say I will wear that t-shirt forever.

The other reason I choose to do Bomberman is because I recently found my Bomberman cartridge for DS, I didn't even know that I owned it!!!! It's a game developed by Hudson Soft.  It's a great game, only for Battle mode is enough. Many hours on that game have been spent by my friend and myself. One thing though, the remote control bomb is totally overpowered, I could actually win (the computers were hard :/).

      (Thumb: Bomb, L-R, Bomberman, Speed up power-up, Brick block, Fire up power-up)

The gist of this manicure is that it didn't turn out the way I wanted and it ate up a long time. I definitely underestimated the difficulty. It was the black outlining that was the worst. It's just not as neat as I'd like it to be!!!!
Green: Barry M - Mint Green
Dark Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
White: Models Own - Snow White
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black (no name)
Yellow: Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream
Red: Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff
Brown: Paris Collection - Mauve Melody
Orange: Bourjois - Tangerine Fatal
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Pink: Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream
The green and the dark green are meant to be the checkered floor in the Bomberman arena. It kind of worked. Well I'm going to put pictures of my t-shirt cause it's awesome and takes away from my disappointing mani.

                        (My camera made my t-shirt look blue, it's purple)

                        (A better picture, I just love the retro Bomberman)

This is the best part of the t-shirt, at the back of the collar there's a bomb!!!! :O It's amazing. The collar is a bit rolled up cause of me cutting the collar off (I like t-shirt with wider necks), I would've cut off more if the bomb wasn't there. No one will see it as my hair covers it, but knowing it's there makes me happy. I also found a retro Pac-man top (:D), can't wait to chop off the collar. I got them both a while back from Uni-Qlo, so glad I found them!!!

After that failed manicure, something happy had to show up. AND, check out everyone else doing the challenge!!!! :D

Friday 24 August 2012

Geek Nail Challenge: Kirby

Week 3 of the challenge. It's been so much fun. This week is Games and Gaming, um my expertise. I have mentioned before I am a massive Nintendo fangirl. Honestly I haven't been so obsessed for a while, but slowly I am going back to me obsessed self (but a more toned down version).

Kirby is not my favourite Nintendo character by a long shot. But he's so cute!!! Also I checked, Kirby is a he, pink being such a manly colour. I haven't played many Kirby games, only a couple. Kirby's Epic Yarn is amazingly cute, ok it's also ridiculously easy (you can't die in that game) but everything is made out of yarn ^_^ I played for a few seconds on the Gameboy Advance (something to do with Dreamland) until my cousin decided I sucked and didn't let me play. Kirby is also the easier character to play with in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, this is why I try to branch out to other characters e.g. Mr. Game and Watch. He is hilariously bad. Anyway after that ramble, to the nails!!!!

I liked the way I did both hands for this design (which normally isn't the case). This is my right hand, it's inspired by a cutepolish design. She did it with Pikachu which I have previously done, so I thought about doing the same design but with Kirby. The other Kirby characters (i.e. Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, King DeDeDe) are also really cute but I really wanted to do this design. It's very simple, I made it harder for myself by being crazy about the positioning of the eyes etc. -_- Typical me. Cause it wasn't looking right, but slowly I realised it was the mouth that was the problem. But after that was fixed, yay cute!!! It looks more like a Pokemon than Kirby, but I couldn't get the eyes closer together without putting them both on the middle nail. AHHHH I'm going to stop pointing out my flaws -_-

Then my left hand, where the eyes were slightly wider apart. I also prefer the mouth of this one (again details only I care about -_-)
Light Pink: Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream
Dark Pink: No7 - Me! Me! Me!
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
White: Natural Collection - White (salvaging what's left of it)
Probably the hardest part of the design was using Strawberry Ice Cream. So gloopy, it dragged so much. 2 coats was already a struggle, 3 coats a battle. I don't how I've used so much, for one pale pink does not suit me at all. But it is a nice colour. And it wouldn't be a manicure without me whacking my nail against something, but again I managed to fix it.

Thank you for battling through this really rambly post, and check out everyone else doing the challenge!!! :)

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Blue Nails: Revlon - Blue Lagoon

I've been doing quite a few of these "*insert colour here* Nails" posts, but that's because of all the polish I've been buying :/ Hopefully this is the last polish I buy in a while. This was one of the polishes I bought in the Boots clearance section (darn you clearance sections!!! >.<). I love any blue-toned, turquoise-toned, teal-toned etc. polishes. I had also seen this colour previously, I wasn't that interested until it was on sale.

It's a light blue with silver shimmer. The shimmer did not photograph very well. Sometimes in the bottle the shimmer looks blue/purple but it's definitely not like that on the nails. Oh by the way China Glaze Luxe and Lush looks really really nice on top (maybe pictures another time). Luxe and Lush needed a slightly darker blue to look nice. The flakies just look really nice on top. In the pictures I used 4 coats, 3 coat was still a bit patchy. It was so incredibly easy for my cuticles to get flooded. My index finger I used 6 coats, the moment I finished, went on my phone and whacked my nail against my glasses. Left a very large dent. It's quite a liquidy polish (any sense?) but with my master fixing skills I covered it up. Can you see it in the photos? Hopefully not. It's nice but not great, of course I needed another pale blue.

                      (A close up where you still can't really see the shimmer)

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Pink Nails: Essie - Your Hut Or Mine?

This is one of the polishes I bought in the set a little while ago. It also came with Essie - Imported Bubbly but I'm going to give that to someone who appreciates it more. I thought Your Hut Or Mine? looked really nice in the set as well as E-Nuff Is E-Nuff so I got it. Actually at first I didn't think it was Your Hut Or Mine? On the label it said Lovie Dovie.


But even earlier that day I'd seen Lovie Dovie, I've seen swatches and I knew it wasn't Lovie Dovie. Me being me I went onto the essie website and I clicked through all the pink nail polishes and looked up swatches (I really wanted to know what polish this was :/ Also I didn't look up every pink polish). I decided it was Infatuation, the only thing at didn't completely convince me was that I knew this had shimmer and Infatuation did not. Also Lovie Dovie and Infatuation kind of go hand in hand with each other so I thought it could be Infatuation. It was only the other day when I was looking through The Polishaholic's posts (so good), that I saw Your Hut Or Mine? and screamed (in my head) "THAT'S IT!!!!". Of course I didn't think it could be from a collection -_- I thought her description was perfect "dark dusty rose with shimmer", it was the "with shimmer" that changed my mind. And it's lovely.

It's from the Fair Game Resort 2011 collection. I can't be absolutely certain it's Your Hut Or Mine? But until proven otherwise that is what I shall think of it. Ripping off that label was liberating. This is 2 coats, formula was good. The colour is very pretty, I like rose colours. I don't know if it suits me or not, some lighting yes and some lighting no. Only time will tell. Anyone else got the wrong label on a polish before?

Monday 20 August 2012

How to: Leopard Print

This is a basic tutorial on how to paint leopard print nails. Or for the experts an insight in how I do leopard print :) I do leopard print quite a lot, I love multi-coloured leopard print, which is why it's the only type of leopard print I will do :P But this "tutorial" applies to all leopard print :)

Step 1
Paint your nails in your desired colour. I have chosen Nails Inc. - Baker Street (cause it's amazing ;)).

Step 2
This step is optional, depending on how opaque the colours of your nail polish is. Using the brush of a white nail polish (Models Own - Snow White) blob random spots on your nails (emphasise random). Size of spots doesn't matter, it depends on you.

Step 3
Fill in the spots with whatever colour (or colours) you wish. The colours did not show up correct at all, but other pictures later in the post are better.

Pink: OPI - Charged Up Cherry
Orange: Essie - Tart Deco over Bourjois - Tangerine Fatal (I changed my mind ;))
Blue: The Face Shop - GR501
Purple: Essie - Lilacism

Step 4
The magic step where everything comes together. Cause currently it just looks like random blobs of colour on the nails. In my case, using a black nail art pen (Lovely Me:Ex - Black) or a toothpick/dotting tool dipped in black nail polish draw 2 not so round "C"shapes around each spot.

And voila!!! Leopard Print. You could put small black lines in-between the spots, but I chose not to. Of course you could use a different colour to outline the spots. But when using black to outline the spots, very dark colours are not recommended. Basically you can't see the black outline therefore making the leopard print futile (I learned the hard way :( ;)).

(The better pictures of the colours :P)

Honestly I love it, just cramming so many colours on my nails a "sophisticated" way. It's fierce ;P

Sunday 19 August 2012

Blue Nails: Nails Inc. - Baker Street

I should really stop writing about my ban cause it's obviously not working. Including this polish I got another 2 -_- But the white was essential. Also there was me writing about how you can't say no to cheap nail polish. Boots has a clearance section -_- Needn't to say I bought all the Revlon nail polish there cause it was 50p (literally impossible to say no)!!! I'm giving most of it away (I promise!). But the polish in this post, no regrets at all because it's amazing and I love it.

                                                     (Artificial Light)

                                                      (Natural Light)

My first Nail Inc. polish. The colour is absolutely amazing. And for some weird reason I love the bottle. It dried like half matte and half shiny, which I thought was really cool, but I put a top coat on top so the pictures are shiny. I saw this polish on The Sneakerette and I thought "I need it". Which I did. It's the most amazing bright cobalt blue. 2 coats for full opacity, 1st coat was a bit streaky but the 2nd coat made it amazing. I think this is quite a new Nails Inc. polish. I don't know if this was just me but it didn't smell great. Normally I can ignore the smell or I don't really smell anything, but this I guess smelt a bit weird. Anyway I don't care, cause it's amazing.

Thursday 16 August 2012

Geek Nail Challenge: Spiderman

It's week 2 of the challenge :D In the same category as my Batman nails (a couple of posts back), some Spiderman nails to celebrate the movie that came out recently (a while ago, I don't even think it's in cinemas anymore).

I'm not a Spiderman fan. He's alright but I'm not a fan of Marvel superheroes in general. I haven't really been exposed to the comics, movies, TV series etc. I just like doing Marvel nail art.

This is my right hand (I'm right-handed). It definitely turned out better on this hand. I made my mistakes on my left hand and learnt from them. The web on my thumb is crazy though!! I think I could've done it a bit better in neatness. The positioning of Spiderman's eyes (I'm a perfectionist), better webs. Thankfully I still like it.

Mistakes and I messed up. Not too badly though. The main problems with the webs being too straight, not in a nice curve and upside down. I didn't even realise -_- I did too much blue on the tips of the nails. The Spiderman face was probably the easiest web to draw. The lines were there to guide me to a perfect web. Also I was meant to put the face on my 4th finger on my right hand but without thinking I painted the tip of my 4th nail blue. I just rolled with it.
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black (no name)
Silver: Professional Nail Art - Silver (no name)

My lighting makes this look bright, but it's actually quite dull, that's what black lines do to red :P

Check out everyone else doing the challenge :)

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Red Nails: Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff

This polish is the very reason I went and bought another 3 :/ But again I will be giving at least one away. I think I'm just going to stay away from shops, best way to tackle a ban. Also thinking "I don't need it, I don't need it". That never works but I've got to give it a try. When I saw this red I basically thought it was amazing, and it was sending me a message. That enough is enough. After this polish.

                                                        (Artificial Light)

                                                        (Natural Light)

My description is a fun red or a tomato red, the bottle did not lie. It's lovely, but only if you love fun reds. E-Nuff Is E-Nuff is from the Winter 2010 collection. This isn't in the diffusion line so it has the old brush. Personally I think the old brush is really good, better than the new brush anyway. But that could be because the brush beter suits my nails or something. This is 2 coats, I was really super neat and I probably should have done a 3rd coat but I didn't want an opportunity to mess it up. So I didn't :)

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Combo: Mustard Fire Sprinkles (+ Guest nails)

Kind of a crazy name ;P Basically a combination of a mustard yellow and some flakies. Also the guest nails, my sister's!!! The shape of my sister's nails are SO NICE. When I was younger I used to be jealous of her nails cause they were so long (I used to bite :/) and perfectly shaped.

The manicure was a couple of days old. Also awkward hand positions because my sister didn't know what to do and I didn't guide her very well :/ Oh well. But look how perfect the shape of her nails are :D So easy to paint. I was actually meant to do a post on another combination I did on her. But the thing with my sister, the moment I finish painting her nails. She gets them chipped -_- And she got some serious chips on both of her hands. It was beyond repair. Of course the exact same thing happened this time. She just doesn't care. But I managed to fix the damage and reminded her to be careful (she wasn't). But seriously some of those chips was ridiculous.

It's Topshop - Naked and China Glaze - Luxe and Lush. Her favourite colour is yellow and she agreed to a mustard yellow. Then I told her I had to add Luxe and Lush. Which I didn't really give her an option on. Luxe and Lush looks kind of blue-toned in these pictures but it's more orange close up. Therefore being the "fire". 2 coats of Naked and 2 coats of Luxe and Lush. I think Luxe and Lush is the kind of glitter that would look good over everything. So I had to put it over something else.

This is Luxe and Lush layered over The Face Shop - BL601 and Models Own - Indian Ocean. It still looks pretty :D. The first time I used Luxe and Lush it must not have been "mixed in" well enough, cause 2 coats was more than enough.

Monday 13 August 2012

Green Nails: OPI - Jade Is The New Black

Hiya :) This is kind of my substitution for Nail Of The Day posts. Or just "plain" nails. I like Nail Of The Day posts, but I just don't like writing them myself. That's probably weird. So I've put it under a different name. Yeah cause that's me being clever :/

                       (Artificial Light, of course my 4th finger has a random hair on it :/)

                                                            (Natural Light)

These pictures were taken last week so my nails are quite long. As the title states it's OPI - Jade Is The New Black. From the Hong Kong collection. Not a new polish but new for me. I would describe it as a forest green, perfect for Christmas manis. Oh my goodness Christmas!!!! Maybe a bit early to be thinking for that, but I love Christmas <3. I've liking greens more now-a-days but not dark green. But good OPI formula, full opacity in 2 coats and quite shiny.

Sunday 12 August 2012

Faster, Higher, Stronger

Hello! This is my Olympic mani, kind of late. Ahem the last day of the Olympics... :/ But I have been watching and I love the Olympics. I'm not a sports fan at all, but on the 2nd day of the Olympics I saw an event with my uncles. I was hooked, and apparently I get really intense during archery, I bet my cousin was thinking "Why won't that girl shut up". But yeah, loving it. Or loved it, since it's pretty much over now :/

It's simple but effective. This is for celebrating the Olympics, because the Olympics are something to be celebrated :D Hopefully. I had a lot of ideas e.g. putting some of the sports on my nails, but the state of white nail polish is in it wasn't going to happen. Also I didn't really feel like it. I knew I definitely wanted to use the colours of the Olympic rings. I thought of different patterns on top but polka dots is what I went with in the end. So it's super basic, but I really like it. It actually looks pretty cool. Especially when posing ;)
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Light Blue: The Face Shop - BL601
Yellow: Rimmel - Sunshine
Pale Yellow: w7 - Sheer Lemon
Black: Topshop - Gypsy Night
Silver: Professional Nail Art - Silver (no name)
Dark Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
Mint Green: China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint
Red: Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff
Pink: OPI - Excuse Moi!
That's one coat of Blueberry Ice Cream in the pictures, and I was actually neat for once so I could get away with one coat. Unfortunately a different story for Rimmel Sunshine, 4 coats and really streaky, thankfully the dots covered it. The polish is quite old though. And um E-Nuff Is E-Nuff is a new polish :/ It was in a set, so I actually got 3 new polishes (but I'm going to give at least one away!!!). I can now see how nail polish collections can get rather large, when nail polish is cheap you buy!!! But I'm going to do a full manicure with E-Nuff Is E-Nuff another time, I thought it was amazing in the bottle, currently I can't really tell. I'm too distracted with all the other colours ;)

Friday 10 August 2012

Geek Nail Challenge: Snoopy!

Hey! If you couldn't tell by the title I'm doing the Geek Nail Challenge by Girl on a Shoestring. I basically thought it was perfect for me cause I am a massive geek ;)

I also think it's an extremely cute challenge, I was suckered in the moment I saw it (that sounds weird :/). You can do 1-7 manicures on the week's theme, but I think I'll do whatever comes to mind :) Also I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to do a Snoopy mani and this was the perfect opportunity.

Snoopy is adorable, end of. I think I liked the comics (can't really remember) except now when I read comics I don't understand them at all. Maybe the humour just isn't me. I like comics for the pictures. I know I really wanted to do the iconic Snoopy lying on the red doghouse, so I just decided to also get Woodstock in there as well.

 I started with a base of The Face Shop - BL601 (here shown with Models Own - Indian Ocean layered over). I had to do pictures of this combination. If I were to name it, it would be called "Pretty". The purple shimmer doesn't really come up, but SO PRETTY. I am so impressed with The Face Shop polishes, the blue is gorgeous, that's all that needs to be said. I decided a while ago to layer Indian Ocean over every blue toned and purple toned polish :D But anyway back to Snoopy.

                                                 Let the sleeping dogs lie

My white nail polish, like every white nail polish I own has gone extremely gloopy, it wasn't too bad but now it is :( But it only happens with white nail polish. I don't know if it's just me :/ It was very difficult to work with, but I had no other alternatives.
White: Natural Collection - White (no name)
Black: Lovely Me:Ex: Black (no name)
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
Yellow: Rimmel - Sunshine

Something I would've done slightly differently is make the clouds neater. They're kind of just randomly jumbled and some order with the clouds would've looked better.

Also check out everyone else doing the challenge :)

Thursday 9 August 2012

Combo: Mermaid's Dream

I didn't name this Mermaid's Dream because I think that it's the same as the Deborah Lippmann polish. But because it's my version of Mermaid's Dream. (But personally I think that my base colour is nicer than Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream :P).

It could've been perfect, but Revlon - Radiant lets it down. The blue glitter particles are just too small, if they were slightly bigger and more spread out it could've been amazing. Well until I find that polish that also has larger green and silver glitter pieces, this will have to do. Otherwise it's still pretty :3.  

I started with Topshop - Green Room. That polish disappointed me, and also it is nothing like the photos, every lighting I tried. Still could not capture the colour :( Seriously I looked at this picture and thought "What is this beautiful colour before me?". I wish Green Room was like that. I could see my nail line with this polish and it is very green. I know it's called Green Room but the bottle looked really blue (and beautiful), it's green and not a particularly nice shade. Also, I HATE VISIBLE NAIL LINES!!! If it's a little bit I can handle it, but even after 4-5 coats it was still clear as day. And I hate it. Of course the solution was a white base. No7 - Snowflake. 3 coats white and 2 coats blue/green. Even after this step I really liked it.

Ok the magic ingredient, w7 - Polar Bare. I'm sure any frosty white sheer polish would do, but I hadn't used this much as I wasn't sure when to use it. Here, I found I should use it here. I love this base, I've used it for bases of nail art cause I love it. One coat. Also it's not that brush strokey.

Then finally Radiant, 2 coats. Problems stated above. Overall pretty successful but more polish searching for me ^_^

Monday 6 August 2012

nananananananana BATMAN!!!!

Since "The Dark Knight Rises" was released recently (quite a while ago) I did some nails inspired by Batman.

I was offered to go see the movie, but I really don't like cinemas (don't question it :/) so I didn't go. But my family members all thoroughly enjoyed it. Also I haven't seen the previous movies so I didn't want to see the newest one. But one day...

It's a very simple Batman mani, but still my inner geek likes it.
Sparkly Black: Topshop - Gyspy Night
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Yellow: Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream
Grey: Dior - Gris Montaigne
White: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails: French White Tip and Natural Collection - White 
The Sally Hansen White is dead, it is gloopy beyond imaginable and so little left it's not worth saving. The grey was borrowed since I don't have one. Also Dior? Obviously not mine. I borrowed it from my aunt but it's a little too dark for my liking and it also dragged. But otherwise good.

                                                             "I'm Batman"

Sunday 5 August 2012

Watermelons yo!!!

^For lack of a good title :/

I like watermelons so watermelons nails are good in my books.

Watermelon Nails 2.0
I was quite messy as I was worried I would disturb everyone in the house with the smell so I rushed. I will call it "being artistic". I think they're fun and good for summer.
Pink: OPI - Charged Up Cherry
Green: Rimmel - Misty Jade
Dark Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
White: Natural Collection - White (no name)
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black (no name)
Jade Is The New Black is a new purchase -_- I broke my ban again, I kind of knew that it wasn't going to go that well. It was not on my wishlist also. But my aunt offered to buy me nail polish and you do not pass up these opportunities!!! But now I am serious about my ban. Seriously serious, no more I say!!! Fighting!!! *Punches air* etc. Even though I haven't used it much I am looking forward to. I went a bit crazy with the seeds, it can really make the difference, too little or too many seeds and it just won't work. I went the "seedy" way, but it still looks ok. I still like it :)

Watermelon Nails 1.0
And these are my original watermelon nails, done in January. Though my cuticles aren't great they have been much, much worse. I didn't have a dark green then (and still didn't til recently) so I substituted with gold, which actually worked. I boosted the colours in this photos, but it's only slightly brighter.
Pink: Madame Milly (part of a french manicure set) - Pink (no name)
Green: Barry M - Mint Green
Gold: w7 - Golden Sands
White: Natural Collection - White (or some other white that was extremely gloopy)
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
I really liked that pink but it was very small and got thrown away. My watermelon nails went down well with people I knew and people I don't know. e.g. Cashier in the airport :) But looking back, I needed a dark green.