Sunday, 31 August 2014

White Nails: No.7 - Snowflake

Hello, white polish today. I think white polish reviews have to be done. There's not the most exciting polish colour (well to me at least) but it's essential. As a nail art person, white polish is absolutely must-have whether it's for the base or the painting; there's always something that has to be painted with white. Though Snowflake isn't really a nail art polish, a review is still essential (let's pretend ok)!!

Ok so Snowflake is a white jelly. Snowflake is different because it's a jelly. But that's about it. I'm not gonna talk about shades of white cause that'll be too interesting for everybody (and I don't know much about shades of white).

This is my final No.7 polish to show, it's a shame that this brand is so underground cause the polishes are genuinely brilliant. I know I say I'll get more then I don't but again I'm very selective with my polish purchases. But maybe I'll have more No.7 to show you one day. Also I like the name Snowflake.

The formula of this is actually really good and I didn't even realise. Normally with jelly polishes the moment it gets on mah nails it bubbles. Like crazy. I thought this was all my fault but I did thicker coats than I was meant to, as usual. I didn't wait very long between coats, as usual. But no bubbles!!
Since jellies are a bit sheerer than cremes I used 3 coats (which isn't bad at all) and while it's not completely opaque, it's pretty good. It also applied completely smoothly and easily, I'm thinking of making this my new white base. I've had this for YEARS but it's not gloopy at all!! And of course Snowflake is brilliant for jelly sandwiches.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a really nice day!! :)

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