Sunday, 17 August 2014

The totally doable I have a life challenge! - Gladiolus flowers

Hey there my wonderful nail people!! Man it's been a while, at least for me anyway. I haven't had a post break in a long while (due to the backlog) but I ran out of posts and I decided to take a week off. As it turned out I actually had a life last week and didn't have time to post. In fact I had this design done on the 8th (the day it was meant to be up for the challenge) but I felt no pressure in getting it up. After all I'm meant to have a life.
But I will be catching up on all the days of the challenge cause come on myself, it's been ages since I've done a challenge (31 Day Challenge anyone?) and I really like the prompts for this one. It's manageable and very summer-y (which is pretty much the opposite of the weather I've been having at home so I like having summer on my nails). Californails set up this challenge and I saw Lucy from The Nail Snail and Kelsie's Nail Files participating and I thought it sounded like some fun :)

Unfortunately I'm starting this off with a stinker, I hadn't heard of Gladiolus flowers before how majestic is the name? But they were really pretty flowers. But I found a way to mess them up haha; I do prefer the flowers in pictures as opposed to real life. I am hoping to do something similar soon just to prove to myself that I can do flower nails haha.
I was going for a "marbled" petal kind of look and that didn't really work. The colours don't do it for me and I thought glitter could save this cause glitter can save everything. But not this apparently. I like my thumbnail but that's about it.

I used the brush of the nail polish for the petals and then I used my toothpicks for the edge of the flowers. I did abstract strokes of the toothpick for the "marbled" thing. Yeah you know me, I'm a toothpick girl and the details were also painted with them.

Base: Nails Inc - Porchester Square
Glitter: L'Oreal Color Riche - Confetti
Purple: Illamasqua - Jo'Mina
Blue: H&M - Blue My Mind
Lighter Blue: Essie - Bikini So Teeny
Teal: Barry M - Guava
Dark Pink: Madame Milly - Pink (no name)
Coral: Etude House - Play 60
Green: Barry M - Kiwi
Dark Green: Rimmel - Block Your Green!
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Pink: Orly - Basket Case
Red: Essie - E-nuff Is E-nuff
Dark Purple: OPI - Plum & Get It
Light Purple: Essie - Lilacism
Orange: Essie - Fear Or Desire and OPI - Where Did Suzi's Man-go?
Pistachio Green: Etude House - Play 86
Light Green: Rimmel - Misty Jade
As you can tell I also thought that adding ALL THE COLOURS would help things, but it didn't.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day, I will be posting previous and future prompts of the challenge over the next while!!! :)


  1. I'm glad I managed to spread the word, it's a really fun challenge! These are really cute, I don't think anyone really knew what to do with the gladiolus prompt haha!

    1. Yeah thank you, the prompts sound really great!!! Haha thanks, yeah but I'm glad I was introduced to the gladiolus, cause its a super awesome flower. I'm up for doing more gladioluses (gladioli?). :)

  2. Beautiful manicure, so bright and creative. I love how you've paired the flowers with the glitter :) xx

    1. Thank you very much!!! :) hehe I love pairing everything with glitter, glad you think it works! :)