Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mushroom Nails: Nails Inc - Porchester Square

Hi there folks!! Don't be confused by the title, unfortunately this ain't a nail art post. It's a little swatch of Nails Inc Porchester Square. Took me a while to get this swatched, I got this Christmas '12. I want to first apologise for my swatches, Porchester Square is a great polish but I used the mother of all bad topcoats and the bubbles were horrendous. I cannot even deal with that topcoat it's so bad T.T So I'm sorry for the bubbles, it's not Porchester Square's fault!!

Honestly I struggled to get this colour accurate, it's a darkish mushroom creme with pink tones. It's slightly darker in real life than in the pictures, and yeah more pink toned but not too much more. Porchester Square is one of my favourite neutral polishes, it's just a nice colour.

I do like a nice Nails Inc polish; but full sizes are steep. Now they have to very special Nails Incs (or free ones in a magazine!!). I tend to just get the minis in TK Maxx cause that's just the best way to get Nails Incs (I do not know the plural for this brand).

The formula is very great, it's so opaque it's ridiculous. I used 2 coats as my nails are a bit longer but it's so opaque that if I got a thicker coat I could've done 1 coat. It's easy to apply but it's a thicker kind of formula that is more viscous.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :) 

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