Saturday, 2 August 2014

Coral Nails: Etude House - Play #60

Hello there!! You know I love going to Etude House to get some sweet polish. I got #60 here thinking it was pink, the kind of pink that I'm obsessed with. But once I wore it, it was very different on the nail than in the bottle. Now I love the colour in the pictures but it's not completely accurate cause colour correcting is difficult. Anyway we'll talk more later ;)

I've settled that this polish is coral, though if I'd known that from the beginning I would've loved it more cause the colour is wonderful. I feel like it was false advertising :P I'm quite liberal calling things neon, but see for yourself it is pretty bright.
#60 is a orange-y pink-y (depending on lighting) coral that's pretty neon. It is a fantastic colour, I <3 orange polish!! But it's slightly less orange in real life, hopefully the next time I used this polish I can capture the colour more accurately (I used it in nail art and the colour was way more pink :/).

#60 is a great name, one thing Etude House didn't change with the redesign was the poorly thought of names. Lacqueerisa told me prior to going to Etude House that the bottles were different (read: less cute) and I totally and utterly agree with her. The old lid was pink and decadent but now the bottle is just round with a white lid and printed lace design. But the good thing about the white lid is that you can see the colour very well. I got a couple more Etude House polishes that I'll show you over the next couple of weeks and I'm excited cause they're really nice.

Formula = awesome, it's a super shiny neon which is rare. It's because the polish is jelly, but unlike every other jelly it didn't give me a billion bubbles. I used thickish coats! Also the formula is very opaque, I thought I could do with 2 coats but there was a bit of VNL so I added another. But it was super smooth and easy to apply :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)


  1. This looks like a really fun polish! It seems perfect for some tropical nail art :) Great swatches!

    1. Yes, definitely very fun!! I do love colours like that. Oh my you are way too right, I'll see if I can do justice to some tropical design!! Awk thank you thank you :')