Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gimme Glitter: The Face Shop - Strawberry Milk Yogurt

Hello there my fine folks, I hope you are doing great this summer time!! I can tell you I have been eating A LOT and hahaha oh dear needs to exercise :P Fun fact, 50TH EDITION OF GIMME GLITTER!! Yes I am a glitter fiend, no it will never stop. But yes I have a mega amazing Face Shop glitter to show today. It's part of the yogurt range and I LOVE the other yogurt polish I have and this is the perfect 50th glitter polish (not gonna lie I was trying to plan this :P).

Experience the prettiness with me. Just let it soak in. Oh man IT'S SO PRETTY!! I LOVE IT!!
Ok so Strawberry Milk is a gorgeous pale pink base with the most beautiful aqua, purple and pink glitter with extra small purple glitter and white squares with tiny pink glitter. I <3 it!! For one I adore that shade of pale pink and the aqua and purple glitter is extraordinary. I was saying previously that I don't like metallic glitter but when it's in gorgeous colours with a great base, it's only my favourite.

I adore the Yogurt series (I have another one to show you soon) and I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad Lacqueerisa introduced them to me. Another note, the names are adorable, I really like strawberry milk (I like strawberry milkshake even better) and the entire concept of the polishes are just the best. I just know that eventually I'll collect them all.

The formula was brilliant, I used 3 thin coats (which could easily be 2 thick coats), and the abundance of glitter was awesome. The base is also perfect for coverage while letting the glitter shine through. A perfectly executed polish from The Face Shop.

Thank you very much for reading my glitter ramblings and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

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