Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pale Blue Nails: Barry M - Sugar Apple

Hello there chums!! Feels good to write, it's been a while for me since I'm away on holiday woohoo, I've been scheduling for a while (the backlog never ceases, seriously, I've been backlogged since December and potentially beyond) but now I'm here writing this nice little post. I'll be quite swatchy for this while (as if I haven't already been) cause I'm still trying to get through my polish (one polish at a time...) and yeah I guess I have more time to swatch (but whether I'll be swatching or not is a different story, man I have been using a lot of brackets already). But yeah a Barry M, you know how I feel about Barry Ms'... :3

The colour is a bit more pale in real life than in pictures
So here we have Sugar Apple (OH MY ADORABLE NAME O.o), a pale robin egg's blue, leaning very much more on the blue side. I thought it'd be more minty (what I wanted) but I think it pulls more blue on me. But hey I can very much live with that, the more I wore this the more I loved it (but see we are still in lowercase, so you can gauge my feelings from that). Yeah it's a gorgeous colour; I'm obsessed with robin egg's blue and this is just really really pretty. It's very fresh and the a perfect base for nail art.

I never intended to get this one, it's from the Barry M Spring Gelly collection which honestly really didn't excite me, cause I felt like I'd seen all the colours before and nothing really called to me (and Barry M frequently calls to me).
However a girl goes with her gut in a store and this was meant to go to a friend but I never managed to get it to her so after a month I tried it out ahhhh ok this is the honesty pouring out and not stopping (don't worry I'm going to get her another one or something else :)). But as not overwhelmed by it as I was (great English me), I grew to super like it as I had it on, but this is Barry after all. Come on it's such a mega cute polish.
Also I was much happier with the Summer Gelly collection so harmony is restored in the world.

The Barry M formula is generally beautiful and of course this was the same; for such a pale polish it's very opaque. I used 3 very thin coats which built fantastically. And SUPER SHINY, which is key of the Gelly range but it really was. If you see bubbles it was the topcoat I used (I don't even like that topcoat I don't know why I used it).

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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