Sunday, 13 July 2014

Blue Tribal Nails (inspired by my top!)

Hiya you!! I hope you're chilling and on holiday and if not you're having a good time regardless. I really like tribal nails so I did some, based on this really pretty top I love from Bershka (aka my favourite clothing store). Though I changed up the colours and the whole design (including the base) very much went with the flow.

This is a different kind of tribal that's less uniform and there must be a name for this kind of design that I clearly don't know. Triangles are a great shape and I'm happy to have lots of them here. The colours were nice together and it's funky haha.

I used a bunch of toothpicks of the different colours for this design, a lot of time I went away from the design of the t-shirt and added extra triangles and stuff.

Base: Revlon - Dreamer, Barry M - Silver Glitter, Barry M - Amethyst, Rimmel - Disco Ball, OPI - sandwiched by Barry M - Blue Moon. Which looked really really nice by itself, who knew Blue Moon would be such a great sandwich topper(?) and all of the glitter was of course great, though potentially I could've got a little bit carried away.
Blue: Essie - Lots Of Lux, I needed this in the design cause it's so gorgeous and I had a Lots Of Lux craving haha
Pink: Barry M - Fuchsia
Green: Barry M - Kiwi
Gold: Topshop - Naked and w7 - Golden Sands

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a marvellous day!! :)

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