Monday, 7 July 2014

Blue Nails: Revlon - Dreamer

Hello there, I have another swatch of a polish that I've had for quite a while and I don't know why I stalled so long not swatching it. Well I have it today and it's always been a really pretty blue polish.

Dreamer is a dusty cornflower blue creme, and emphasising the dustiness cause I think that's what makes Dreamer different. So yeah as you can see it's a really nice polish.

I don't have that much Revlon polish, I like it but it doesn't make me want all of them (which is a good thing actually). Nothing that blows my mind. But it's solid stuff and the ones I have are very good and I like the colours. But generally the colours I have, I have better alternatives that I prefer to use. Sorry my Revlon polishes.

I used 3 thin coats, and I applied very well. I know you can get opacity with 2 coats but my bottle is quite used up so getting the coats was a bit more difficult. The first coat seems a bit sheer but it builds well.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)

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