Friday, 29 August 2014

Yellow Nails: Topshop - Naked

Hello! I have a yellow polish to show and it's becoming one of my most used yellow polishes. You'll find out why as you read this post ;)
As I'm writing this I'm yet to go back to school, which is one of the single grimmest things that could happen :P As I'm entering 6th form it seems like everyone is really excited. Except me (and my bezzie), I don't get it, I love doing nothing!! Well it's inevitable and by the time you read this the 1st day will have happened; with the trying to find a good seat for the rest of the year(!) and finding out your classes and teachers. You know the drill. Seriously the summer is never long enough ahahahahahahahahaha (that was a long laugh).

Naked is a mustard yellow creme, simple as that. Mustard yellow isn't really a colour I'm fond of but weirdly I kind of like the colour of this. But not that much. Also I'm not sure if it suits me.

I recently mentioned how great Topshop polish is but if you missed that it's very good. I recommend you go to your local Topshop and take a look at the polish. There's a bunch of colours (some very unique, specially the glitter polishes) and it's very likely that the formula will be awesome. The names are generally pretty good. But Naked... Well that's debatable.

Ok THE FORMULA IS SO GREAT!! Come on how many 4 coat yellow polishes are there?? I have them and I just want a fuss free yellow and we have it right here. If you did 1 thick coat you could totally get away with it!! I used 2 thin coats but look at how opaque it is!! And how smooth and shiny it is!! It did apply like a dream, the formula is the perfect medium between thick and runny and so it's perfect to apply.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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