Thursday, 8 November 2012

Pink Nails: Orly - Basket Case

Hello there!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day, I know I am :P I think after the showing of this polish I will be nail arting it up!!! New term, came up with it just there. Orly has been a brand that I have been really really liking, I love looking at swatches of Orly polishes (well I guess any polish but for some reason Orly interests me) at The Polishaholic. I stalk her blog too much :/ I like their colours and I think the Flash Glam FX collection sealed that they were amazing (to me). Orly is definitely a brand that I want to build more polishes in my collection (little by little).

Here is Orly - Basket Case, I was looking for this particular shade (I'm a fussy girl when it comes to pink) I was planning to buy the mini from Boots but when I found it on my trip I thought "why not?". This will sound weird but I love how big the bottle is (18ml). I love the shape of the bottles too.

When I first put it on I was a little disappointed as I thought it was exactly the same as 2 other pinks in my collection (hot pinks which I like). But don't worry I was wrong (:P) it took me a day to see it properly. Guess I would describe it as magenta, I used 3 coats. 2 coats is a little streaky. But it's one of those polishes that take ages to dry fully so topcoat is recommended (but I know there's tons of people who do not need to be told to put on top coat) it's also thin so chipping is easy. But it's very shiny without topcoat too. I love it, I honestly think it's my new favourite pink. The name is so cute too!!!

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