Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Green Nails: China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard

Hello there. This is one of the polishes I showed in my last post. It was from this year's Summer Neons collection from China Glaze.

I went into Sasa (asian equivalent of Boots or Superdrug) and wasn't really expecting anything and I saw some China Glaze polishes. I literally jumped (obviously I got over-excited). It was a very limited selection, I was interested in 2 from that collection but obviously the ones I was interested in weren't there. There were 3 Summer Neons (Love's A Beach, Orange You Hot? and I'm With The Lifeguard), some from the On Safari collection (Adventure Red-y, Man Hunt, I Herd That, I'm Not Lion) and some other miscellaneous ones (haha I enjoyed naming them :P) so after much deliberating I thought I'm With The Lifeguard would be a nice green polish to have.

Haha long intro, but to the polish!!!

It is nice and bright. I'm not sure neon bright, like so neon it would practically glow in the dark, but it is definitely bright. It's a nice colour, I would describe as slime green, grass green or Kermit the Frog green. It definitely grew on me after I put it on.
I used 3 coats as visible nail line was happening at 2, there was still some visible nail line but it wasn't too bad. More right hand pictures as I had serious issues with bubbling on my left hand, there was some here but it was ok. I'm not sure whether the coat was too thick or I was too fast but the bubbles were bad.
It kind of dried satin matte, but definitely on the shiner side of satin matte. I used topcoat in the pictures, not it make it smoother actually. More to tame the bubbles, which it did pretty well. it's very nice shiny though. I liked the satin matte finish too. I had some weird separation going on in the bottle but as long as it doesn't affect the colour I'm fine.
It's one of those colours that as a child I would think "Who would ever wear that colour?" but now I do and think it's pretty cool. Olive is another one of those colours but I still think that's gross. Maybe it will change one day, it did with this.

I'm great at rambling aren't I? :/ :P

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