Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pink Nails: OPI - Japanese Rose Garden

Hello there. I brought this polish along with me on my trip. This has always been a like/hate polish(I have never loved it) as the simply put, the colour has always disappointed me, even if it isn't that bad.

This gross yellow lighting picture is probably (and unfortunately) the most colour accurate. ARGGGHH!!!! Right hand pictures, because since I was insistent on 2 coats a random piece of I-don't-know-what got moved onto my nail and got stuck under the coat and annoyed me sufficiently. So right hand pictures.

Well firstly, if you like this kind of colour I would recommend the purchase (I'm trying to sound posh, but my recommendations could be dodgy for all we know :P), the formula is perfect. One coat and it's lovely, why I did 2 coats I'm not sure. It was just so easy to apply and dried really fast. Also it's naturally pretty shiny, my pictures don't show this but it has a tiny bit of frosty shimmer going through (just saying). Basically I only have good things about the formula, it's simply the colour.

It probably would suit someone else far better, also my pictures are not good (:(). But I guess when I bought the polish I was expecting something but the outcome disappointed me. But this time when I put it on I thought it was quite nice. I guess I like it but I don't think I'll ever get any further than that with this polish. This was in the Far East collection in 2000 (I did some researching), but now of course it has been re-formulated. Japanese Rose Garden is an absolute beast for water marbling though, it's the only polish that's consistently delivered for me. I think it was made for water marbling :)

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