Monday, 5 November 2012

Taiwan Haul

Hello there!!! Hehe haul is a funny word (^_^), this is my first one as I thought I would give them a try. They look fun and I love haul posts and I thought it would be interesting. I was very controlled, I didn't get much which is good. And I was in a situation with a lot of polish (there was a side stall that I saw out of the corner of my eye), of course every now and again I would have to say "Calm down girl" to myself, but honestly I was very careful about not going crazy and buying a ton (cause then there would be some polish that got neglected and I would regret buying it).

L-R - China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard, Orly - Basket Case and OPI - Last Friday Night

Look at that!!! 3 polishes!!! Ok controlled is a loose term but I'm happy with my purchases (actually my aunts got them for me so thank you to them).

I wanted to get a nice green polish so when I saw I'm With The Lifeguard I thought I'd seize the opportunity (it wasn't that dramatic).

Basket Case was on my wish-list  I wanted that particular shade of pink and there was a large array of Orly polishes and I kind of felt like I wanted to get more (when I say more, I mean 1 more). But really I don't regret it as I already have similar colours of the others (there was a more limited selection compared to the other brands) and it would be the unused polish situation. I am the most excited about the Orly polish out of them all (what can I say, I'm a pink girl).

Out of the polishes Last Friday Night was kind of the impulse buy, I was deliberating whether to get it or not but last minute I grabbed it.

I will definitely be going more in depth with these polishes (they'll get a post), but I want to take this time to say I am very thankful that I can enjoy nail polish, am able to add to my collection and that I'm fortunate enough to be in this position. I really am truly thankful.

But I have one more thing...

OH MY GOODNESS HE IS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! ^_^ I called him Mr. Webster (named from a line from "When You Say Nothing At All" by Alison Krauss, love that song. It's Alison Krauss's song, end of). We was walking around this garden centre with herbal medicines and stuff. When I saw Mr. Webster around a corner, he had to be mine. He was on special offer too. You can take the top hat off!!!! The top hat sold it for me. He used to have bubbles in him but he began to leak so we dumped out his contents (like the way I'm referring to it as him ;)). But I didn't buy him for bubbles so I pulled the bubble wand out (much easier than it should've been) and I'm going to find a cute use for him. He's so cute, I'm normally not that drawn to these things. But he's so cute.

So I hope you enjoyed my little haul post and have a great day (or night)!!!! :)

Disclaimer (fancy word :P): This was in no way to show off, I thought it would be a fun little post to do, and just to see what polish is being added to my collection :)

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