Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gimme Glitter: Barry M - Amethyst Glitter

Hello there. My lovely friend got me this with the other Barry M polish. It was a request when she asked (:/), but I think the mix of glitter is super cool.

Pictures are difficult since the days are getting dimmer but I still charge on and give myself a hard time (bathroom turned out to be pretty good). So many pictures, just to get 2 decent ones. I was trying to get the true colour of the glitter, it's super cool. I was planning for some layering combo but it quickly became apparent that layering wasn't going to happen. You could probably use one really thick coat and it would cover the whole nail. I did 2 standard coats and it was sufficiently covered. I did use some colours underneath that I'm going to mention. OPI - Plum And Get It, w7 - Golden Sands, OPI - Sea You In Hollywood, Per Una - Fuchsia (no name) and Nails Inc - Motcomb Street (from Glamour magazine, some may still be left).

Now for texture, it was very rough and probably some of the glitter could fall off. Minimum 2 coats of topcoat recommended. And removal -_- It was tough, even with the tin foil method, and glitter went everywhere. I had to wash my hands very violently too. But I'm excited to use it in designs (but in less quantity) :)

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