Monday, 12 November 2012

Combo: Blue Explosion

Hello there. Hope you're having a nice day, I know I have dodged a bullet today and I'm glad that everything today. Thank goodness. Well I have a little combo today, I didn't get great pictures and I forgot to clean up :/ But I really liked the way it looked. Even though it only lasted a few moments, it was a nice few moments.

Ain't it cool beans (I'm talking weird again :/)? But really, all the glitters make a crazy glitter explosion. Though total it was 7 layers (bad move) I would probably calm down if I do this again. I started with one coat of Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream and added the glitter. First 2 coats of Barry M - Aqua Glitter (a birthday present from a friend, I really like it), followed by 2 coats of Revlon - Radiant and 2 coats of OPI - Last Friday Night. I think Last Friday Night made it pretty, iridescent glitter can be very pretty.

Have some other brighter pictures, 'tis pretty cool. Removal was easy, all I had to do was push it off, came off in one swipe. Thick layers of polish never last :P

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