Friday, 24 January 2014

Red Nails: Barry M - Raspberry

Hi there guys!! Oh man, I cannot describe how busy I've been for the last month (hopefully begin to things ease up). All because of my school's production, last night was the last night (:'() and honestly I think all the nights went great. We did Grease and I managed to get a part in it, hahaha the teacher, but it was incredibly fun to play. Really it was so great, I do miss it though it gave me no free time (to do my homework...such is my life).
This is the first post I haven't scheduled in a while, I've had a influx of posts due to the holidays (hallejulah) and I still do, you'll see them soon. Some are v exciting. Anyway me being me I had to have nails to go with my character :P I looked up nail trends of the 50's and I don't think I painted my nails according to the trends then but I wanted to try out this polish. It's a Barry M after all. By the way I added something on top of this for the performance and then for the last night I peeled polish off (bad me haha) :P

I failed to get this polish colour accurate in my pictures :( In real life this polish is WAY darker and WAY browner (if that's a word :/). So Raspberry is a dark, maroon-y red, this was a nice gift from my friend for my birthday. Took me a while to try it out but I did. The colour is too dark for me to love, and in general red isn't my colour. But when Raspberry looked like it did in my pictures (in bright natural light) it was lovely. And look at how shiny!!

Many people rave about Raspberry but it's just not my colour, though I do like it. Might as well add that I really like raspberries. But I have other Barry M's that I love WAY more. Barry M is fabulous we know this. He can do no wrong.

Raspberry was very opaque and so shiny. 2 coats and I was done, maybe short nails could do 1 coat. I always say that but you could. The formula was great, this shouldn't be surprising due to Barry M's stellar formula.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great weekend!! :)


  1. How fun it must have been! Hahaha, you must be one tremendously amazing teacher! Sure wish I could see your production! :) But great job to you and the team! :D I guess all the sacrifices were so worth it in the end ^^ Hehe, do love the look of Raspberry, such a beautiful red.

    1. Yes it was so much fun, I loved it!! Hahaha thank you very much, I honestly think every did a great job of putting on a wonderful show :) Oh yeah definitely, still recovering though haha, lots of work for me to do. I think it's lovely too, probably my favourite dark red (not like I have that many :P) :)