Monday, 6 January 2014

Gimme Glitter: M&S - Light Mix

Hi there guys!! I hope you have keeping up with your resolutions if you made any and are persevering. I don't usually make resolutions, in yesteryears I did the whole stop biting your nails (yes, I used to be a biter!!) but then I actually did and gained another obsession haha. But this time I have legit ones which I want to progressively tackle, go self-improvement!!! One of the main ones is waste less time and less procrastination, that will be a hard one but determination is a thing, there's no use giving up before you've begun (haha I'm feeling so deep :P).
Anyway I have a super pretty glitter, like who knew M&S could come out with such awesome, I don't know if it's technically glitter but not like it really matters :)

Guys, this is SO pretty. Seriously. I don't know how to describe this, I don't want to call them shards because they're not they're not sharp and sticky out either. But they are not flakies either, I've decided it's "flards" or "shakies" both names I'm not particularly fond of lol. Also the type, I guess there's an element of iridescence there, but the "shakies" (:/) are mostly blue, green, purple, pink and peach, but pastel versions. I think Light Mix looks best over darker colours but I also have it over a pale base.

This is another from the limited edition set from M&S, seriously pretty polish I am so impressed. I tested it out over a both of colours on a sheet of paper but decided on this combo because it has a somewhat mermaid-y feel about it.

I used 1 packed coat for each nail over M&S - Peacock, it spread easily but if there wasn't a packed coat obviously not so many "flards" (oh gosh I hate using this term -_-) would be on the nail. But one thing I'm really happy about this polish is that none of the "shakies" stick out (cause I hate that!!) and bother me, it was all over smooth ever without topcoat.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. I think I prefer flards, don't you hate it when you're trying to talk about something that doesn't have a name?

    1. I don't think I prefer either, I feel silly haha. And yes it's the worst, it results in me making up new words!!! :)