Saturday, 11 January 2014

Have a gold star! And a silver one, and a pink one...

Hi there guys!! Simple nail art today, this was the other half of my true new year's manicure. I wanted something simple and to let the bar glitter shine. Haha many will not be keen on letting bar glitter shine :P

I love stars, one of these days I'm going to say "I love stars so I made up a super awesome manicure with them", one of these days... I wanted a simple gold, silver and bronze colour combo but without the bronze. And replaced with pink and white with black and red glitter instead. Oh yeah and gold turned into mustard yellow cause I forgot to put the gold on top of it lol.

This one was v simple, I drew some stars with black and filled them in. Normally I would paint the colours first then the black but I was lazy haha.

Base: Various green polishes and Barry M - Sour Apple
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Yellow: Topshop - Naked
Silver: Nails Inc - Abbey Road
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White and w7 - Lava Flow
Pink: Barry M - Princess

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!!! :)


  1. This was cool and different and I liked it! :P

    1. Thank you!! :D I always try to be cool and different ;)

  2. These look super cute! I love the crazy look of the bar glitter :)

    1. Thank you!! :) :) Maybe that's one of the reasons I quite like bar glitter, cause it's insane :P :)