Friday, 3 January 2014

Top 15 Nail Polishes Of 2013: Part 1

Hello there guys!! Here we are, favourite polishes of last year!! I feel like doing it in January gives the cycle completion and I guess the year wasn't finished cause you never know you might find your favourite polish on the 31st of December (though it's highly unlikely). Not everyone does these but I LOVE IT. I'm obviously not the most qualified considering I don't get masses and masses of polishes a year (and I'm glad, I like using my polishes well) but I love giving polishes the love they deserve. As you can tell last year's top 10 polishes (see: January 2013 in the archive ;)) have now turned into the top 15. There was me halfway through the year thinking I wouldn't even get a top 10, yeah... Oops?
And the end of the year always brings the most polish compared to the rest of the year and then there's the mass "swatching" and debating what to include. This list was not easy to compile, I kept rearranging the order and reconsidering everything but I think I have got my final list. 
One thing about my list is that not all of these polishes came out in 2013, last year I wasn't too bad about having the same year polishes but this year, nope. My favourite polishes cannot be determined by year, but the colours that I love and feel happy having on my nails. That can't be wrong, so here are my top 15 polishes of 2013 starting at 15 (and split into 2 parts :P).

15. Barry M - Berry Ice Cream. There's no better way to start the list than with a Barry M. Oh Berry Ice Cream, the polish that began my journey as a purple fiend, now there's are tons of purple polishes that I'm loving and craving (which can be seen as a good or bad thing). The subtle pink tone is so pretty and it's a great base that I feel looks really nice with nail art. And is lovely as a stand alone polish!!

14. Color Club - Sky High. It's weird that I don't have that much blue polish in my favourites but this one is gorgeous. The purple duochrome really is something, it's mesmerising o.O

13. Nails Inc - Notting Hill Gate. I got this for Christmas last (last?) year, I can't say no to a neon. Especially if it's neon pink. This is a pretty fantastic neon pink, it's not got a perfect formula but I don't care, it's neon pink.

12. Etude House - WH901. I love matte glitter, I love pastel and all the little shaped glitter is SO cute. The holographic and white glitter are very nice touches to this polish, though the formula has little to desire it's so cute I can definitely forgive it.

11. Barry M - Greenberry. As I've mentioned this colour used to be my perfect colour, it's a stunner still though. I'm not particularly fussy when it comes to formula but this is really is perfect. It's lovely, it's bright, it's amazing.

10. Barry M - Dragon Fruit. The Barry M Gellies were stellar this year and expect to see more in this list. I love pink polish, it's probably irrational but I'm okay with that. The shade of Dragon Fruit is gorgeous. The silver shimmer in this is also gives this pink polish something special.

9. The Face Shop - Vanilla Sugar Yogurt. Rainbow glitter, and I was down. I don't know why I love the orange glitter in this but I do, but just look how much fun this polish is!! Like a fun, colourful cake.

Well this is the first half, second half coming tomorrow. I hope you currently like my picks, thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day!! :)