Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pink Nails: M&S - Peony

Hello there!! Sorry for the lack of nail art this month, I really am trying to get swatches of everything (well most things) cause I just like having swatches of everything, surely that can't be weird (or it really can be weird :/). And yes more M&S polish, this is another favourite. I love pink polish and the shade of this is gorgeous. I definitely not getting sick of these polishes, it's trying a bunch of a new brand and having it be great!!

Peony (cute name) is a lovely middle pink, the shade of a pink peony crazily enough with a lovely silver shimmer. I didn't expect to love this but once I had this on my nails the colour was gorgeous. Not like the other pinks I own too (and I own a lot of pink :/).

I already mentioned that I know M&S because of food but when I go to Asia I know my relatives think of M&S for clothes and stuff like that. It's strange, but I'm glad I can think of M&S too for nail polish :)

Ignore this duochrome looking thing, there's no duochrome (unfortunately for some) my camera was being weird
3 thin coats did the trick and it was nice to apply, can't ask for anything more than that (well maybe 2 coats but whatever). I also have nothing else to write about it. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)


  1. Shall we High-5? Hahahah the only reason I'd ever think of M&S would be food first, and beauty section next. Clothes are.. overpriced in my humble opinion (could be shipping reasons, but I know there's quite a mark up in prices. sigh) But I don't deny some clothes looks really good. Anyway, I sure do hope M&S here brings in nail polishes too. But hopefully, at reasonable pricing. Yeap, I do agree. This is a stunning pink-peony shade! Love the saturation it has :) Can't wait to see how M&S nail polishes will develope in the future!

    1. *high 5's* M&S is the place for food, I think it's great quality. I've never really got M&S clothing but I think when you find a hidden gem there it's awesome but I get that prices would be more expensive abroad :/ M&S should bring their polish everywhere, I'm so impressed, this one is stunning!! Genuinely don't have anything like it in my pink heavy nail polish collection, and they have textured polish (mind is still blown) and I've tried it and it's fantastic. Hopefully I'll get to post about that soon :)