Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Purple Nails: OPI Liquid Sand - My Current Crush

Hello there lovely ones!! I've been on a bit of a swatch rampage if you couldn't tell, unfortunately for me the holidays have ended so I can't do that anymore. So the abundance of swatches will stop :( even if no one else has been liking them I definitely have. I like going crazy about polish and writing way in depth about it. Also trying out all the polishes is fun.
I got this quite recently from TK Maxx (my love <3) in a lil' set. I think it was called The Texture Effect(?), and came with a base coat which swayed me even more. Given the fact it was limited edition and Liquid Sand, it was obviously going to come home with me.

My Current Crush is a purple/plum textured creme with silver glitter that occasionally looks pink because of the purple base (though not in my picture :(). 
I am not in love with this like I was in love with Jinx cause it's not a completely sparkly one (those have my heart, I need all the sparkly textures) but I do like it. It's just nice, I would've thought with the plumminess I wouldn't like it, but this is just about not plum enough for me. If was more plummy I would hate it haha. Textures are awesome though, I really really hope it lasts. I need neon sparkly textures (oh my gosh that would just be my perfect polishes!!). 

I really can't say no to limited edition things, this is going to be a big problem in the future. The base coat was a nice addition, I pretty much have not been using base coat as base cat for the past 2 years. They run out really fast!! But the OPI bottle is big. I'm really really not fussed when it comes to base coat, literally anything will do. Explains why I've been using a french manicure pink as a base for the longest time haha. Having a real base coat is nice though. TK Maxx also had OPI DS Lapis which I somehow managed to convince myself that I didn't need, I'm skilled at that :P

I used 2 coats, but 3 couldn't have hurt to be honest. It was good formula wise, no issues, applied well. It's nice when polish is like this. But tipwear is pretty prominent for this one, but sure to wrap your tips. On another note the name is really cute, though the word "crush" is v juvenile, it's still can be cute :3

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a really cool day!! :P :)


  1. This polish looks super fun, I love the bright purple color and the texture makes it even better! Looks great on you :)

    1. It is super fun, I think textures in general are!! And I'm surprised that I think the colour's great too. Awk and thanks :3 :)