Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Gimme Glitter: Barry M Confetti - Sour Apple

Hello there fine folks!! This is the sad day that school starts :( But also the brilliant day where I got a new indie polish!!!! :D Expect to see that soon, it's all mad exciting. Anyway I got this polish as a gift from a dear friend (the same friend who gave me the indie polish today :)), I love all the Barry M's, obviously not all the Barry M's are perfect (but the vast majority of them are) and the "Confetti Effects" could have been the ones to tear me. Bar glitter is a controversial thing but I am not a hater like most people seem to be.

Sour Apple is full of matte blue and yellow bar glitter, dupe to Nails Inc Brighton (well at least I think so), I honestly don't think bar glitter is all that bad, I think it's ok. What I really like is the colour combination, it's like bar glitter Floam!! I know I will never possess Floam (neither am I very bothered by that at all) but having the bar glitter version is pretty nice. Seriously once people start making matte neon bar glitter polishes I will be so done (though once people start making matte neon anything polishes I will be so done).

The Confetti effects came out last year with 5 polishes, what I really liked is all the sweet based names, how cute right? Maybe I'd get another from this collection, wouldn't make it a priority but I rather like this one.

Each coat was packed with glitter, I used 3 coats cause as usual I wanted the glitter packed look, not difficult to apply, everything spread fine so in general application was good. I put this over various green polishes, weirdly the glitter made them all look more similar. This glitter isn't necessarily rough but it's not completely smooth without topcoat. Ok removal isn't a breeze, but once you've "broken through" the mound of bar glitter it's actually not too hard to remove, better than a lot of other glitter polishes.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

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