Saturday, 4 January 2014

Top 15 Nail Polishes Of 2013: Part 2

Hi there guys!! Ok we are continuing the favourite polishes today, I have to say the top 3 polishes for me were so easy to place. From yesterday's post if you've been reading last year you might be able to guess what the top 8 could be. But I love all these polishes :D

8. Barry M - Superdrug Xmas Limited Edition 2012 B. I just loved this polish the moment I put it on, of course it's a shadow of it's former self now because of bleeding glitter (seriously it sucks, bleeding is a pain) but it's still beautiful. I adore the mix of glitter and the holographic glitter in this is SO special.

7. Hare Polish - The Teen Queen. I don't make many indie purchases but this definitely is a worthy edition to my collection, I LOVE the matte blue glitter and that blue shimmer is so so pretty.

6. OPI - Jinx. This blew my mind when I first got it, the sparkliness was making me insane (in a good way). The golden sparkle is extraordinary and I think this is bombin' on my skin tone which is rare but if a polish loves you, you love it back ;)

5. Barry M - Prickly Pear. Guys, you know I love this (or maybe you didn't, well that's a fact about me), this turned me into a total purple fanatic, there was me thinking I didn't need this. Just a beautiful blue-toned pale purple.

4. Barry M - Guava. Now I got this very recently and I haven't worn it a million times but sometimes you just have to wear something once and know it's love. Guava is an amazing colour, right inbetween blue and green, and I love blue and green so this is right up my alley (not my camera's alley though, my camera hates it haha).

3. Models Own - Beach Party. Why didn't I get this sooner??? Clearly an orange neon is required for me, yeah it's an orange neon, it's fantastic, it's fantastically bright and I really really love brights. It doesn't require a white base, a neon not requiring tedious neon needs, this one is incredible. I seriously seriously need to wear this again and again and again.

2. Barry M - Superdrug Summer Limited Edition 2013 A. This was another love at first polish, even before I found out that this was a neon it was beautiful. I just ADORED the colour, then I found out it was a neon and I was done. I do not care that it requires 3 coats over white and it's a jelly and jellies and I don't get along all that great so bubbles. I can look past ALL of that cause it's so beautiful.

1. Lush Lacquer (now Polish Me Silly) - Clowning Around. Please don't tell me this was a surprise, did you read how crazy about this polish I was? Go on, read it, I could not even. And I still can't even, rainbow neon glitter. It's a combination of all my favourites things. Obviously this was going to take the top spot cause it's the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life. Even after sad glitter bleeding it's still beautiful and I hold on to the memory (and pictures) of when I first tried it. Oh gall dem big pink hexes, and all dat neon glitter, urgh I can't THE FEELS.

Well that's me done for this year, here's to another year of gorgeous polish!! I'm quite emotive about nail polish if you couldn't tell from this post :P Last year I was saying how I was surprised about the lack of pink polish, made up for it this year though. Barry M is clearly my big winner this year, they released some incredible polishes that I really appreciated. I can never guess what's going to be in my favourites from year to year, it's great. I never knew I was going to be introduced to the most beautiful neon glitter of my life. So I'm looking forward to fantastic nail polish. So this year had 1 Lush Lacquer, 7 Barry M's, 1 Models Own, 1 OPI, 1 Hare Polish, 1 The Face Shop, 1 Etude House, 1 Nails Inc and 1 Color Club. Yep Barry M definitely dominated. Same went for last year actually. I hope there are some great neons this year cause I'll be even more done than I am right now haha. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

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