Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pink Nails: Barry M - Boots Xmas Limited Edition 2012 B

Hello there. Pink Foil isn't the official name of the polish, it's BLE 2012 B 242 (Boots Limited Edition 2012 B Number 242), but I thought pink foil sounded slightly better. Maybe it has a name but until I find it, it's Pink Foil.

It's part of Barry M's limited edition polishes for Christmas, which I love. I have the one from last year so I went to Boots looking (Superdrug has some too). It wasn't exactly hard to find, there's a gold one too (the bottle caps are super cute btw :P) but I've never been a gold kind of girl. There's gold flecks within this polish, it's very pretty. The formula is great, 1 coat and you're set. Literally perfect in terms of formula. I really like it, I don't have many foil polishes but the colour of this is really nice like kind of raspberryish, it's very metallic too.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading!!! :)

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