Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Candy Canes

Hello there, it's mid week in case you didn't know, I don't know what I'm saying. My brain is not working in an orderly fashion right now. I did some candy cane nails which I also did last year. Thank goodness I didn't take a picture of last year's cause it was pretty bad. I feel I've improved even if it isn't as neat as I like it.

They also look cooler from afar. I struggle with candy canes, I again couldn't be bothered with tape so extreme steady freehand lines were happening. I think I was relatively successful, but I'll tell you at one point they didn't look like candy canes at all and I almost had a fail on my hands (ahh pun, unintentional. Promise :P).
White: Models Own - Snow White and Nails Inc - Glamour Glitter
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips (what else? ;))
Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
I tried to do an accent nail but it pretty much looked exactly the same as the other nails. The glitter is also slightly more prominent in real life. Even if they aren't that candy caneish, they are Christmasy.

Hope you all have wonderful day :)

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