Friday, 28 December 2012

Gimme Glitter: Nails Inc - Sweets Way

Hello there, hope you're all well :) I have here a polish I've been lemming for a long time, the thing is I kept convincing myself not to buy it (WHY SO CRAZY!?). But after months of indecision (I really hope that makes sense :/) I finally went and got it. And boy am I glad I did.

I love this polish, it's just so pretty. It looks so delicate and adorable too. I love how it looks so complex and the little glitter pieces are perfect. It's a milky base, with small blue, peach and silver glitter. I never realised the silver glitter was there until I put it on, and I have seen SO many swatches and I didn't even realise. It's from Nails Inc Sprinkles collection, I've seen many swatches of this collection but this was the only one that really spoke to me (I'm weird I know). I used 3 coats, but 2 thicker coats would've probably done the same job. The formula was very good, lots of glitter from every stroke, but I think thick coats are recommended. It had a kind of textured finish, top coat will easily smooth that out, it's not gritty at all. Basically it looks awesome and the colour combination is amazing. The thing I told myself not to buy it was, "It would be better if the peach glitters were more pink". D'oh!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!!! :)

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