Sunday, 30 December 2012

Black Snowflakes

Hello there, enjoying new year's eve's eve? I probably used really bad grammar there :/ Since it's still the winter I think snowflakes are still appropriate so making them black must be appropriate too.

Yes I know they look weird. I severely disliked this design after I finished. If I wrote this post yesterday I would've stated that I severely dislike it. But it's somewhat grown on me and I don't think it's that bad, looks interesting I guess. I actually did quite a nice gradient, they're getting better (but still bad), it's much easier to do gradients with glitter.
Base: The Face Shop - PK105, OPI - Excuse Moi! and Barry M - Amethyst 
Black snowflakes: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Black snow: Rimmel - Black Pearl (gift from a friend for Christmas :)) and Topshop - Gypsy Night
Holographic glitter: Barry M - Hologram Hexogram
I have to say Hologram Hexogram made this design look much better, it ties things together. The Face Shop pink is really pretty, it's actually really bright but these pictures do not show that. Amethyst has little black particles of glitter and I really like that :)

Thank you for looking and have a lovely day!!!


  1. I love the combination of pink and black. This nail art is awesome!!! Happy new year!

    1. Thanks so much!! Your comment means a lot to me :) Happy new year to you too!!! :D