Saturday, 3 January 2015

Pinky Purple Nails: Barry M - Socialite

Hello!! How are you? I have another Glitterati polish to show you cause they're fabulous. And you know me I love my glitter, Socialite appealed to me cause I love the shade of it and you know me I'm so social...hahahahaha.

Socialite is a pinky purple glitter with bonus holographic glitter sprinkled within. It has an element of duochrome shimmer but it's not obvious because of how light the base is. I thought I was going to totally love this cause the colour is so nice but I find the colour doesn't suit me very well and I wasn't in love. Fashion Icon is so much better, I didn't expect to love it more but I so do, the shimmer and how deep the purple is so just fantastic. But Socialite of course is still a pretty one, Barry can do no wrong.

The formula is good, not perfect but so easily forgivable. It's not the most opaque on the 1st coat but it builds really well, the formula is a bit gloopy and smells weird but still very manageable. I found this randomly chipping on me but that was probably my fault haha. I was going to have 3 pictures as usual but my 3rd picture was too crap to post hahaha.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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