Sunday, 13 January 2013

Top 10 Nail Polishes Of 2012: Part 3

Hey there, I have my final part of my favourite nail polishes. We're getting into serious business (:P), my lighting has been really difficult lately but I'm somewhat happy with the pictures I managed to take. To be honest my top 3 are pretty much all joint number 1, and I only just about managed to place them in order due to slight preferences but I love them all ;) So here we go again :)

3. The Face Shop - GR501. The only problem with this polish is the not at all cute name, or lack of name really. Otherwise this is the perfect robin's egg blue that I was searching high and low for. Robin's egg blue is my absolute favourite colour and this polish also has a lovely formula, wear time is pretty good but topcoat will make it even better. This is one my camera had severe difficulties with, GR501 is a bit greeny and my camera wanting to make every green polish turn blue. Pictures weren't coming out right. I'm proud of my editing cause it's actually colour accurate as opposed to a total fail (which is what usually happens).

2. Topshop - Razzmatazz. I have previously mentioned my love for holographic glitter (:O I LOVE HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER), Razzmatazz has a lilac/blue base packed with small pieces of holographic glitter and some larger pieces too. I have been really impressed by the Topshop nail polishes (I want to buy more ;)), the packaging is SO cute too. 2 coats shown over Revlon Dreamer.

1. Nails Inc - Baker Street. Yes, Baker Street the polish at absolutely everyone has been raving about (and I was happy to join the rave train) and the moment I saw it on The Sneakerette I needed it. It's a bright cobalt blue and it's beautiful, 'nuff said :P

And there you have it, my top 10 polishes of last year, I'm surprised with my lack of pinks but that can easier change ;) May this year be filled with beautiful polishes too!!! :)

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