Thursday, 24 January 2013

Early V-Day Love Owls

Hey there, hope you all are doing well. I actually am, go being in a good mood!!! I didn't know what to do, so I pulled out some polishes I wanted to use, saw a picture of an owl hat on facebook and started to paint. I don't enjoy being spontaneous with my nails, I'm all about the planning but hey it's not half bad.

Also not intended to be valentine-esque either but I roll with the punches. I've done owl nails that I've preferred to these, but if better executed I think this could look way cuter.
Red: Nails Inc - Tate with OPI - I Lily Love You
Pink: Barry M - Pink Foil
White: Models Own - Snow White, Nails Inc - Sweets Way and details with Lovely Me:Ex - White
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Brown (just a hint): Nails Inc - Richmond Terrace
I really like the Barry M pink, the formula is fantastic too. I put Sweets Way over white so I would use less coats but it looks nicer without something under.

I have more valentine's designs for February but this one was unintentional, thank you for reading and have a lovely day!!! :)


  1. This is just so adorable!!! I loooove it!

    1. Thanks so much girl!!! I really appreciate your comment :D