Monday, 14 January 2013

Pink Nails: Nails Inc - Notting Hill Gate

Hey there guys, I had a nail fail and I was so annoyed that I took it off without taking pictures. I'm am bummed, but anyway I have this absolutely adorable polish to show today. It was a gift from my secret Santa, I love pink, I now love neon pink too. My lighting and camera were being annoying (every pink polish my camera turns orange -_-) but go editing skillz (which are virtually non-existant and how I got this somewhat colour accurate is a fluke)!!!!

It's WAY brighter in real life, and I couldn't stop staring. And people kept commenting on how bright it was (which is always a good thing). I layered it over white (Models Own - Snow White) as I tested it in my cookies and carrots design, and I had a feeling that it wouldn't go far by itself. It was a bit streaky and random pieces of fluff and stuff got on my nails (and annoyed me -_-) but thankfully the picture doesn't show it too much. I used 2 coats over white, this was part of Nails Inc summer collection last year. I think there was a point where I considered getting this but didn't due to the amount of similar pinks in my collection (which by the way, are not that similar) but I'm really glad I have it now, it's super bright ^_^ The problem is I have a mini and I might be tempted to buy the full size, we'll have to wait and see ;) I will be rocking this in summer (and winter, let's be honest every season).

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