Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pastel Gradient Leopard Print

Hi there guys, and happy new year!! Here's to a good one!! I haven't really thought about a new year's resolution (I pretty much never do them) but I think this year I want to be more productive. If I set myself a monster challenge it's never going to happen so I just want to waste less time and do something that's going to benefit something. Anyway, first mani of this year is leopard print. I honestly can't see a better way to start the year. I love leopard print, I've been totally abusing it but I can't help it :)

This might sound bad, but I absolutely love it. It's just the colours and the leopard and the gradient. It's perfect. The purple didn't show up very well in pictures but it's much more prominent in real life. For once I did a nice gradient, I find every time I do a nice gradient I'm inclined to take pictures then not do the nail art. It's just because I'm so happy that the gradient worked, as opposed to the normal failure. It's like the other one I did I loved that one too (not meaning to sound narcissistic :/), it's so simple but it looks so nice. I hate all this narcissism :/ I just really like the design.
Blue: Essie - Bikini So Teeny
Green: Illamasqua - Nomad
Purple: Barry M - Berry Ice Cream
Pink: Orly - Basket Case
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
I tell you I really really love the colours, the Barry M purple is growing on me, it's pink-toned and I really like that. But these are all polishes I absolutely adore. I cut my nails and I have to say they are feeling very short (well no), but they'll grow back.

Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day!!! :)

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