Sunday, 6 January 2013

Orange Nails: Essie - Fear Or Desire

Hi there. This has been sitting untried since November and I'm not one to not try polishes. I used it for a bit of nail art, but not properly yet. And I love me a good orange polish :)

From Essie's summer collection last year. I used 2 coats and 3 for the odd streaky nail. I realised today that this orange is the same as a Cadbury Fudge bar orange. It's very smooth and applies easily. I've mentioned before that I prefer the old Essie brush but actually the new diffusion brush is really good for my nail shape too. I got this from TK Maxx, I've already professed my love for TK Maxx before, so all that spiel again (I've never used the word spiel before). I thought this might be similar to Essie Orange, It's Obvious but after looking at some swatches they're pretty different and I personally think Fear Or Desire is nicer.

Thanks for reading!!! :)

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